Severely Wounded Victim Caught In Crossfire In Takeoff Shooting Breaks Her Silence

Severely Wounded Victim Caught In Crossfire In Takeoff Shooting Breaks Her Silence

Sydney Leday, an innocent bystander, and survivor, who was shot in the head during the fatal shooting of late Migos member Takeoff on November 1, has broken her silence. The 24-year-old was out celebrating her birthday and Halloween with friends the night of the incident.

“Like any other 24-year-old, I was just out partying and celebrating,” Leday told KHOU 11, “I really never dress up for Halloween, and that was something I was excited about,” she said.

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Around 2:30 am, Leday said she felt something was wrong. Shortly after, she recalls running from the scene after a heated exchange between dice players escalated and resulted in shots being fired.

Leday felt a sting in the back of her head as she fell to the ground. After feeling the stinging in the back of her head, she realized she was severely injured.

“I remember what happened because I was up the whole time after I got shot in the head, and I called my mom and told her what happened and told her to come,” she said. 

After returning home from spending a week in the hospital, Leday adds that she began experiencing panic attacks. 

Medical Bills Pile Up For Innocent Bystander Critically Wounded In Takeoff Shooting

Innocent bystander, Sydney Lowery, was severely injured during the shooting that led to Migos’ Takeoff’s death. Her mother, Sakara Carom-Lowery, said the medical bills were accruing and started a GoFundMe.

Sakhara Carmon-Lowery said her daughter Sydney Lowery sustained a gunshot wound to the head in the melee of that tragic shooting. Takeoff’s assistant, Joshua Washington, was also injured that night.

Sydney’s mom has shared that medical expenses are “substantial to pay at the moment.” She also shared Lowery has no medical insurance and has started a GoFundMe to help raise money.

“The murder of Takeoff in 810 Billboards and Bowling, not only took the life of a world-class artist, but devastated my family on another spectrum, ” Carmon-Lowery said. “This senseless act of violence left my daughter, Sydney, who was an innocent bystander, with a gunshot to the head.”

She continued, “We are very fortunate that she survived,” Carmon-Lowery added. “But has been left with substantial medical bills that are still accruing.”

The fundraising total has reached over 9K as the family strives to raise awareness.

Twitter is pointing the finger at the family of Rap A Lot label J. Prince for their alleged involvement in the case. One user suggested that covering Sydney’s mounting medical debt is the responsibility of J. Prince.

“That’s J Prince’s problem tbh.”

Takeoff Murder Suspect Out On Bond

Recently Patrick Clark, accused of murdering Migos rapper, Takeoff, was released on a $1M bail from the Harris County Jail on Jan. 4. He was arrested in December and charged with murder concerning the shooting. Takeoff’s assistant is another innocent bystander who was injured in the tragic events of that night.

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