Saweetie Refuses To Be Counted Out, Teases New Projects

Saweetie Refuses To Be Counted Out, Teases New Projects

Saweetie says she is back working with the hunger she had as a Freshman artist. Fans say it’s her season and await the release of her new projects.

Back From Her Musical Hiatus 

Saweetie recently unveiled her latest news, including a “passion project” and a highly anticipated album. During an interview with Flaunt Magazine, she shared her excitement about working on music with the hunger she had when she first began her career.  

“My passion project makes me feel like how I felt when my career first started,” Saw told Flaunt.  “Strictly about the music, expressing myself, and just wanting to get my emotions out there. I feel like that hunger that you have as a new artist is just really priceless. Once you’re put into the music industry, other people’s interests and ideologies get thrown at you. But when you’re a new artist, you’re starting from scratch. You’re a blank canvas and all you want to do is paint and create. I feel like I’m getting back to that moment with this passion project that I’m working on.”

Freestyle In The Making

The “Icy Girl” is also working on dropping a freestyle. “It’s called ‘Immortal Freestyle’ and what inspired it was just the events that happened in my life,” says Saweetie, who refuses to be counted out.  “I felt like a lot of people thought that I would have given up by now. They thought that I was going to go in a different direction but I feel like a real ICY GRL is resilient. She’s ambitious, and she continues to go no matter what happens to her… she’s immortal.”

Fan Reactions

Supporters on X are looking forward to more Saweetie and say it’s her “season.”

2lmetgala on Twitter stated, “ Ok Saweetie drop the freestyle, and then drop the Christmas EP. This could EASILY be your season,” while another fan commented and said: “ I’m hella excited! She never feeds into the negativity and she always holds her head high and just keeps pushing through. Love me some Saweetie.”

Saweetie Tour Canceled

In more recent Saweetie news, Tyga, YG, and Saweetie’s highly anticipated “Skr8 To The Klub” Tour had been canceled due to low ticket sales. The tour was set to also feature popular rappers Kamaiyah, Wallie The Sensei, and DJ Vision as opening acts.

Additionally, in a surprising move, Saweetie announced her decision to start a Fansly account in a recent Instagram post. Fansly is an adult platform similar to OnlyFans, where the “Icy Girl” promised to share “spicy” content, exclusive music, and behind-the-scenes intel.

Lady London To The Rescue

Also refusing to be counted out is Lady London, who recently faced a major setback in her music career after losing over 17,000 hours of her music. Nevertheless, the New Jersey rapper has said she’s going back into the studio to make more music.

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