Reality TV Star Accused of Giving Away Dog That Doesn’t ‘Look Cute on Instagram’ Anymore

Reality TV Star Accused of Giving Away Dog That Doesn’t ‘Look Cute on Instagram’ Anymore

Celebrity Big Brother UK winner Katie Price is facing backlash after she reportedly rehomed her dog Tank. Less than a year after welcoming the adorable German shepherd puppy into her family, the reality TV star and former glamor model, 45, reportedly gave him to her electrician after deciding the puppy was “no longer cute on Instagram,” a source told The Sun.

Price, who also previously appeared on the third and ninth seasons of I’m a Celebrity, bought Tank over the summer following the death of her protection dog Blade, with a source telling The Sun in August that the star was “heartbroken after Blade’s death and is determined to keep Tank safe. In time, it could grow into her new protection dog and fill the void left by Blade.” While the source added that the mom of five was “adamant she’ll prove her critics wrong and give Tank a loving home,” that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to a Jan. 29 report from The Sun, Price has since rehomed Tank. A source told the outlet that Price “only got Duke a few months ago but she gave him away to her electrician. She loves getting puppies that look cute on Instagram but when they start to grow up and she has to train them she loses interest.”

The news comes amid ongoing pushback against Price’s pet ownership. In addition to giving away her daughter Princess’ dog Precious to a crew member on her Mucky Mansion TV series in September 2021, the reality TV star has had at least seven pets in her care die. Her protection dog Blade died in June after being struck by a car just seven months after Price’s dog Sharon was killed on the same road. Just a year before that, a delivery driver hit her alsatian, Queenie, and in 2020, her dog Sparkle was hit by a car. Meanwhile, Price’s French bulldog Rolo suffocated after being squashed underneath a chair. She also gave away an alastian named Bear after he reportedly attacked other animals.

Price’s pet ownership history has led to plenty of controversy. In addition to Peta slamming the reality TV star on multiple occasions, a petition attempting to prohibit Price from having more pets has surpassed 36,000 signatures. Meanwhile, the comments on her most recent Instagram post have been flooded with criticism, one person writing, “Mistreating animals is a crime. I hope the authorities in your country take care of you.”


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