Ranked: OneFour’s top 3 songs

Ranked: OneFour’s top 3 songs

One of the countries most recognisable hip-hop acts, Mount Druit collective OneFour have quickly risen from underground drill crew to global phenomenon since 2017.

Now, with an array of hits under their belt, we dug through their catalog and ranked our top three records to come from Sydney’s realest.

3. ‘Welcome To Prison’

OneFour’s latest release – 2020’s ‘Welcome To Prison’ – kicks off the list, in what was a sharp sonic change of direction for the group. The reflective single has the crew’s members as vulnerable as ever, crossing clever lyricism with poignant story-telling, all tied together by a booming, uplifting hook.

“Took a couple L’s but that’s part of the game, Live and Learn”

2. ‘The Message’

‘The Message’ was the song that took OneFour’s notoriety across international waters, blowing up Australian drill in an unprecedented way. While the Mount Druitt collective had previously gained a loyal following following releases such as ‘Shanks and Shivs’ and ‘Ready for War’, it was the ultra-gritty ‘The Message’ that catapulted their careers.

1. ‘Spot The Difference’

OneFour’s biggest song to date, ‘Spot The Difference’ was released when (what felt like) the entire drill scene was waiting on the lads’ next move – and it’s safe to say they blew expectations out of the water with this one.

As hard, powerful and commanding as anything to previously come from the Mount Druitt unit, ‘Spot The Difference’ remains not only OneFour’s best song to date, but one of the best records to come from Australia’s shores, period.

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