‘Project Revenge’ highlights what makes Triple One so great

‘Project Revenge’ highlights what makes Triple One so great

It’s been common knowledge for a minute now that hip-hop super group Triple One are one of the most artistically chameleon acts in the world, however, it’s their latest introspective release ‘Project Revenge‘ that see’s the group hit their most impressive stride to date.

In an era of constant disposable content, Triple One’s mission statement has always been to stand apart from the usual; to be unique, to be remembered. While they’ve undoubtedly hit that target with flying colors off the back of idiosyncratic pop drops ‘Butter’ and ‘So Easy’ as well as deeper cuts like ‘Lakes’ and ‘Overflow,’ nothing holds a creative candle to ‘Project Revenge.’

The brooding, pensive new single blends many of the musical elements that Triple One have previously presented whilst simultaneously reinventing the sonic wheel once again. If that wasn’t enough, the 4-piece crew each bring to the table what is undoubtedly their most transparent and honest balladry to date.

Triple One are continuing to level up.

Also be sure to catch the subtle nods to Huskii, ChillinIt, Nooky and 24 Karat Kev within the accompanying visuals.

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