PREMIERE: KVNYL releases powerful new single ‘Hypocrite’

PREMIERE: KVNYL releases powerful new single ‘Hypocrite’

Melbourne rapper KVNYL has returned from a near 3-year hiatus to release the titanic, dramatic new single ‘Hypocrite.’

Featuring lush, ambivalent production by way of Agnus (and the addition of live violin by Elle Shimada), ‘Hypocrite’ is a deep record that has KVNYL finding peace in accepting his flaws – paired with twisted, therapy session-induced visuals from Visionaire Media.

“‘Hypocrite’ is both an intrapersonal tale and a social critique,” says KVNYL.

“There are two arcs to the story. The first is of self acceptance, to understand that our worst aspects were learnt, both consciously and unconsciously.

The second is a delicate balancing act of understanding that our trauma is not our fault but that it is our responsibility alone to accept and manage the resulting behaviours.

We see this through the final reveal, that all along the protagonist was imprisoning himself myself. With that acceptance, comes peace and empowerment.”

‘Hypocrite’ is the first single taken off KVNYL’s upcoming EP ‘The Worst of Me’.

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