Power Rangers Netflix Show Scrapped

Power Rangers Netflix Show Scrapped

In a disappointing turn of events for fans of the iconic superhero franchise, Netflix has officially scrapped the live-action Power Rangers series that had been in development for over two years. The streaming giant has pulled the plug on the highly anticipated project, leaving the future of the beloved property in limbo.

Sources have confirmed to TVLine that the series, which was being spearheaded by veteran Supernatural story editor Jenny Klein as showrunner in collaboration with Power Rangers franchise overseer Jonathan Entwistle, is no longer moving forward at Netflix. The decision comes as a significant setback for the beloved franchise, which has spawned numerous iterations and movies since its inception in 1993.

In the wake of this development, Power Rangers owner Hasbro Entertainment is reportedly exploring a new creative direction for the series, potentially seeking a partnership with a different platform or production company. The company’s determination to find a new home for the project suggests that the Power Rangers franchise remains a priority despite the setback at Netflix.

The now-defunct Netflix series was conceived as a cornerstone of a larger “Power Rangers cinematic universe,” as Entwistle had envisioned. Tapped in October 2020 to oversee the development of both television and film enterprises for the franchise, Entwistle was hailed as the “right architect to join us as we reimagine the television and film worlds of this property” by eOne executives Nick Meyer and Michael Lombardo, per TVLine.

Klein, known for her work on Daisy & the Six and NBC’s The Thing About Pam, had inked a two-year overall deal with eOne in June 2022, under which she would serve as the showrunner for the Power Rangers series, lending her expertise in genre- and drama-based content.

While the exact reasons behind the cancellation remain undisclosed, the decision likely stems from a combination of creative differences and shifting priorities within Netflix’s programming strategy. The streaming platform has been known to alter its content slate based on various factors, including viewership data, production costs, and overall strategic alignment.

Despite this setback, fans of the Power Rangers franchise can take solace in the knowledge that Hasbro Entertainment remains committed to preserving and expanding the beloved property. According to a prominent Power Rangers scooper known as Jinsakuu on X, Hasbro is exploring licensing agreements with other companies for the toys and media rights, aiming to maintain control over the franchise’s revenues while potentially reducing their hands-on involvement in production.

Jinsakuu also hinted at the possibility of a reboot, stating, “So good news maybe??” This sentiment was further reinforced by Hasbro Entertainment’s President, Olivier Dumont, who confirmed at the TV Kids Summer Festival that the company has over two dozen projects in development, suggesting that a new Power Rangers iteration could be among them.

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