OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Says She Killed Boyfriend In Self-Defense

OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Says She Killed Boyfriend In Self-Defense

Former OnlyFans model, Courtney Clenney, is facing second-degree murder charges after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend to death in their Miami apartment. However, her attorneys are working diligently to prove that Clenney was a victim of abuse and acted in self-defense. They are also fighting to exclude a significant collection of “illegal recordings” from her trial. 


Courtney Clenney, a former model on OnlyFans, is now confronting second-degree murder charges following accusations of fatally stabbing her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, in their Miami apartment.

Amidst the legal battle surrounding Courtney Clenney, her attorneys Sabrina Puglisi and Frank Prieto, strive to paint a picture of her as a victim rather than a perpetrator. As the courtroom drama unfolds, Clenney’s fate hangs in the balance.

The defense team alleges that Clenney endured a tumultuous relationship with Obumseli, characterized by verbal and physical abuse. Attorney Frank Prieto claims that Obumseli would deliberately provoke Clenney, secretly recording her reactions and later using the recordings to manipulate and threaten her.

The Recordings

In Florida, where the crime occurred, the law requires the consent of all parties involved in a private conversation for it to be legally recorded. 

Clenney’s legal team is aiming to suppress a cache of video and audio files, totaling over 800, which capture the couple’s arguments and fights leading up to the fatal incident. These recordings, they argue, unfairly portray Clenney without considering the alleged abuse she endured.

Contrary to the defense’s claims, Obumseli’s family maintains that Clenney was the aggressor in the relationship. They have even filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her, seeking accountability for their loved one’s untimely demise. 

Clenney’s Defense Strategy

As the judicial process unfolds, Courtney Clenney’s defense strategy has taken an expert witness approach. 

In court documents, it was revealed that she plans to call pathologist Dr. John V. Marraccini to the stand. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Marraccini specializes in diagnosing medical conditions using laboratory tests and techniques. Clenney’s defense hopes his expertise will provide additional validation to their claims of self-defense.

A crucial hearing originally scheduled to address the admissibility of the recordings was postponed to Dec. 15. State Attorney Katherine Rundle has argued that some of the files should be allowed as evidence, citing factors such as the location of the conversations, the speaker’s conduct, and the presence of others. The courtroom clash intensifies as both sides present their arguments, and the truth behind the couple’s relationship dynamics remains a matter for the court to decide.

Murder Confession Goes Viral

In a somber parallel to Courtney Clenney’s case, tragic news emerged involving Lagos influencer Augusta Osedion, known as Austa XXO. Her boyfriend, Benjamin Best, seemingly confessed to her killing in a series of distraught Instagram posts, shocking fans and followers.

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