Nayeon of TWICE’s Solo Comeback Revealed

Nayeon of TWICE’s Solo Comeback Revealed

Nayeon, of K-pop group TWICE, is scheduled to make a comeback this summer, her first solo endeavor in two years. The South Korean star will make her solo comeback in June, Xports News (via Naver) reported on April 9. 

As the first member of Twice to go solo, Nayeon achieved success with her first mini-album, Im Nayeon, which refers to her real name and was released in June 2022. Nayeon’s debut solo project, “POP!,” which captured the hearts of audiences of all ages with its energetic blend of kinetic energy that is uniquely her own, boosted her solo career to new heights.

Her agency, JYP Entertainment, has finally confirmed that the reports are correct, which has sparked enthusiasm among her fan base. In a statement, JYP Entertainment clarified that while Nayeon’s solo album is in the works, a release date has yet to be predetermined. The agency said it would inform fans once a release date is nailed down.

Upon its release, “POP!” shot to the top of Korea’s Circle Album Chart and reached number seven on the US Billboard 200, marking Nayeon as the first South Korean soloist to break into the top 10. “POP!’s” international success as the lead single was further enhanced by her reaching the top ten in six countries. She has also been included in the lineup for the WATERBOMB 2024 music festival in Korea, raising the possibility that she may be gearing up for a summer comeback.

In 2015, through the reality TV show Sixteen, Nayeon was introduced to the world as a member of the popular girl group TWICE, formed by JYP Entertainment. Nayeon has gained wide recognition for her captivating looks and impressive talent. TWICE’s lead vocalist introduced her unique vision to the world of K-pop with the release of her solo debut album, which combined electronic dance, soul, and R&B genres. 

In addition to the title track, “POP!” there was an accompanying music video that reflected her playful and upbeat personality and has clocked up over 225 million views on YouTube. She also collaborated with fellow labelmate Felix from Stray Kids on the track “NO PROBLEM,” coupling her picturesque vocals with Felix’s charismatic delivery. Furthermore, she collaborated with rapper Wonstein on the song “LOVE COUNTDOWN,” demonstrating yet another impressive collaboration from the artist. 


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