Mandy Moore Just Welcomed a New Member to Her Family

Mandy Moore Just Welcomed a New Member to Her Family

Mandy Moore announced the addition of a very furry family member. On Jan. 20, the This Is Us star, 39, posted an Instagram photo of the new pet, a dog called Marshmellow.

“This sweet boy was found wandering the streets for several days, many miles from here by our beloved nanny, Celina,” Moore wrote in the post’s caption. “He’s about 6-7 months, unchipped, not fixed (but scheduled for next week) and just the most unexpectedly wonderful addition to our gang.”

She continued, “We weren’t looking for another dog but he was looking for us and the fact that he looks remarkably like our dear Joni made it too impossible to ignore. The cats are nonplussed and Jackson (our 14 year old shepherd mutt rescue) is also a little [shrugging emoji] but Marshmallow is slowly winning them over.

“When we showed Gus a picture of him and asked what his name was, without hesitation he shouted ‘Marshmallow!’ With his arms in the air. Done and done. Can’t wait for all of the adventures, sir!”

Marshmellow appears to have quickly won over Moore and her family, husband, Taylor Goldsmith, and their two children: Augustus “Gus” Harrison, 2, and Oscar “Ozzie” Bennett, 14 months. Thankfully, the other pets are clearly becoming acclimated as well.

Moore has talked about her love of animals before, especially her fondness for her three cats: Fig, Olivia, and Peanut. “I don’t think I’ve ever had any part of my life where I haven’t had cats in it,” Moore told PEOPLE in December. “Cats changed my life.” “Cats were my first pet, my first foray into any sort of understanding of responsibility,” she added.

The Tangled star waxed poetic about her cats to Parade in July, calling herself a “fervent cat lover. It’s very real.” So much so that she went to a pet psychic when her cat was clearly upset. She told Ellen in 2016 that her cat requested a name change to Figaro “because he loves to sing.” 

Moore told Parade, “Our cats love music. Fig, especially. During quarantine, he just became really obsessed. He started singing with my husband, Taylor, and I when we would do Instagram live, like concerts or something. He just inserted himself in the situation and wanted to be front row center. And I was like, ‘Wow, I learned a lot about you during this time. I had no idea that you were like such a ham.’ He loves being on camera.

During the interview, she also mentioned that Goldsmith had to come around to her love of felines. “A lot of my closest friends are fellow cat people, so they recognize the impact that cats bring to all of our lives… And it’s like if you don’t have a cat in your life, fully respect, but it’s like I’m like, ‘Oh, you just haven’t met that one cat that changes everything for you.’ My husband didn’t grow up with cats. He only had dogs growing up. But it’s like once he was brought into the fold of my life, he clearly had no choice. But he was like, ‘Oh, I get it, I get it.’ And his life has changed forever.”


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