Lil Mosey Found Not Guilty After Passing Polygraph Test With “Flying Colors”

Lil Mosey Found Not Guilty After Passing Polygraph Test With “Flying Colors”

Rapper Lil Mosey was recently found not guilty of the 2021 second-degree rape charges. The Washington state rapper was facing a life sentence but passed a polygraph test with “flying colors,” according to reports.

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Lil Mosey was found not guilty in his rape case on March 2. The young artist was tried on second-degree rape charges following allegations of an unidentified woman and a girlfriend who said Mosey and another man sexually assaulted them in a cabin in 2021.

According to reports, the “Noticed” artist passed a polygraph test with “flying colors,” which helped the rapper get cleared of all charges. The Certified Hitmaker artist was facing a maximum life sentence.

Lil Mosey’s Fighting For His Life In Rape Case

West Coast rapper Lil Mosey is simmering down the Internet days after people believed he fled from a court appearance in a rape case. The rap star has officially pleaded not guilty to a second-degree rape charge.

Lil Mosey’s Fighting For His Life

According to reports, Lil Mosey a.k.a Lathan Moses Echols didn’t realize he had a court date earlier in the month and came forward this week to clear up the situation. Along with pleading not guilty, Mosey managed to post bail.

Echols appeared in Lewis County Superior Court on Tuesday after the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office agreed to quash a $50,000 warrant for Echols’ arrest. The warrant was issued after Echols failed to appear in court for a scheduled preliminary appearance last week. According to defense attorney Jennifer Atwood, the court summons was sent to an address Echols had not lived at for five years and Echols had no knowledge of his court summons until after he’d missed the court date. (Chronicle Online)

Mosey’s team requested the trial to not start up until 2022 while also asking for the green light to perform internationally. While the judge allowed for Mosey to freely tour, he must prepare for a July 19 trial.

Judge James W. Lawler approved the deputy prosecutor’s request to set bail at $50,000 unsecured, meaning that Echols does not have to pay any of the bail amount unless he breaks his release conditions.  While standard release conditions typically don’t allow for travel outside of Western Washington, Atwood requested that Echols’ conditions be amended to accommodate his international tour schedule, which includes performances in Canada, Portugal and throughout the U.S. in 2021 and 2022. (Chronicle Online)

Lil Mosey’s fighting for his life.

Lil Mosey Wanted By Police

Earlier in the month, buzz developed about the teenage rapper having a sexual assault charge on his head. Even worse, LM didn’t appear for the court hearting in the case.

The “Pull Up” rapper was supposed to appear in court Wednesday, just weeks after he was charged with second-degree rape. We’re told Mosey never showed up … so now he’s a wanted man. This all stems from an alleged incident back in January after a woman says she and a girlfriend went to a cabin to see Mosey but claims they ended up getting raped by him and another man. (TMZ)

The underage rapper also allegedly was under the influence during the day of the reported sexual attack.

According to the affidavit, obtained by TMZ, one of the alleged victims says she consented to having sex with Mosey in a vehicle but goes on to says she blacked out afterward in the cabin after drinking White Claws and champagne. She claims a short time later Mosey got on top of her and was pushing her legs up and apart while he was having sex with her. She said she recalled having pain in her leg muscles while Mosey was pushing her legs. (TMZ)

New Music On Deck

The same week, Lil Mosey gave fans something to get excited about. Without getting too specific, he vowed to soon drop new tunes.

“Music comin soon 👨‍🍳 can’t you tell?”

Lil Mosey’s Gun Case

In August 2020, Mosey found himself dealing with legal drama. After getting pulled over by California police, Mosey ultimately had a gun charge thrown at him.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the 18-year-old “Pull Up” rapper was busted in Burbank when cops pulled over a 2016 Cadillac Escalade with 3 people inside — Mosey, his driver/bodyguard and a juvenile. We’re told cops initially made the stop last Sunday around 1 AM because they didn’t have plates. That turned out to be the least of Mosey and his crew’s problems. Cops say things got serious when they noticed an empty holster sitting on the driver’s lap, which prompted an immediate search … and the discovery of 3 loaded 9mm semi-automatic pistols. (TMZ)

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