Lil Durk Sparks Controversy By Labeling Gunna A “Rat” On DJ Akademiks’ Podcast

Lil Durk Sparks Controversy By Labeling Gunna A “Rat” On DJ Akademiks’ Podcast

During an episode of the Off The Record podcast, Lil Durk found himself amid controversy when asked about Gunna’s plea deal and the subject of being a “snitch.” The Chicago rapper didn’t hold back, expressing his strong sentiments towards the former YSL rapper’s actions during the conversation with DJ Akademiks.

Lil Durk Speaks His Mind

In May 2022, Gunna and Young Thug were indicted on RICO charges, with Gunna later securing a plea deal in December of the same year. The “Pushin’ P” artist’s previous plea deal concerning his RICO charges also led to him being labeled a “rat” by Boosie upon his release.

During the recent interview, Lil Durk’s comments immediately caught the attention and elicited mixed reactions. When discussing Gunna’s decision, Lil Durk asserted:

“That man told. You should have went in there and kept your mouth closed. If you a rat, I f*ckin hate you. Cause I love Thug.”  

Lil Durk’s unfiltered response on the Off The Record podcast revealed his strong disapproval of individuals who cooperate with authorities, expressing his dislike for those he considers “rats” and highlighting his support for fellow rapper Young Thug. 

Social media users quickly engaged in the conversation, with one Twitter user comparing the quality of Lil Durk’s songs to Gunna’s, “durk don’t have one song that’s even half as good any gunna song.” In contrast, another user found irony in millionaires concerning themselves with street credibility, “Millionaires worrying about street cred is hilarious.”

Lil Durk and Gunna have previously collaborated on tracks such as “What Happened to Virgil,” “Proud Of Me,” and “Lights Off,” showcasing their musical chemistry. 

Boosie & T.I. Make Amends After Snitch Allegations

The issue of “snitching” has caused past tensions and beef between rappers. Recently, Boosie and T.I. made amends after Boosie accused the Atlanta rapper of communicating with the police and betraying his late cousin.

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