Lil Baby x Axe Collaborate To Launch “Shonen Baby” Manga

Lil Baby x Axe Collaborate To Launch “Shonen Baby” Manga

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby has partnered with men’s personal care brand Axe to create a new manga character named “Shonen Baby.” This collaboration follows their previous partnership in creating an anime series called All Axcess with Lil Baby in September 2022. 

Axe’s Twitter account announced that they will launch the new manga character “Shonen Baby” on July 11th. Axe will launch “Shonen Baby” on July 11th. Fans can get a digital comic by buying a spray from Walmart.

TLil Baby and Axe collaborated before on All Axcess anime series in Sep 2022.

Lil Baby x AXE Brands Team Up For Anime Series

In an move that no one saw coming, men’s fragrance brand, AXE body spray is collaborating with Lil Baby on a new miniseries.

Lil Baby is on his grind making money moves in every direction. (Which could partially explain why he had to cancel a recent performance due to exhaustion. His new hustle, pushing male hygiene brand Axe, is a series called All Axecess with Lil Baby and features the “Drip Too Hard” Grammy-winning artist inhaling three of AXE’s most well-known scents: Cool Ocean, Phoenix, and Apollo. 

Immediately after, viewers are transported to an animated recreation of Baby’s memories that are associated with each one of the fragrances.

The Atlanta-bred rapper said:

 “I’ve always been a big fan of anime. So having AXE turn some of my intimate memories and thoughts into an animated mini-series is kind of surreal…” 

With bright, colorful visuals reminiscent of the Boondocks and each installment less than a minute long, the series is a fun sneak peek into his early life before becoming an artist. 

Snoop Takes A Trip To Doggyland

Snoop Dogg is for the children! The legendary rapper has created and will star in an animated series geared towards a younger audience called Doggyland.

The show features a group of colorful dogs that teach kids how to spell and count through entertaining songs.

The series airs on YouTube, making it accessible for children to watch anytime

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