‘Leverage’ Star Gina Bellman Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis After Kate Middleton Announcement

‘Leverage’ Star Gina Bellman Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis After Kate Middleton Announcement

On the heels of Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis, Leverage star Gina Bellman is revealing her own diagnosis. On X (formerly known as Twitter), the actress commended the Princess of Wales for displaying “such composure and grace today in the heartbreaking announcement.” In a separate post, Bellman admitted she “underwent treatment for Breast Cancer last summer.”

Bellman continued, “Until now- I didn’t have the courage to go public. 8 months on I’m back in stilettos and filming 14 hour days. For those undergoing treatment right now- there is light at the end of this tunnel.” Bellman is currently filming Season 3 of Leverage: Redemption, and it sounds like she is still working as hard as ever, even in the midst of what she’s been going through.

That’s definitely one of the harder parts about being in the public eye, it seems. Making sure that there are still some private stuff, especially if one isn’t comfortable. With Kate Middleton, she has mostly away from the public eye since her surgery in January, and was only recently seen in public with Prince William. The princess then shared an update in a video, revealing her diagnosis came after her surgery, with treatment starting not long after.

As of now, it seems like Gina Bellman is doing well, especially considering she is still going at it with filming. Although she’s only just now revealing her diagnosis, it’s likely some of her Leverage colleagues knew. Her co-star, Beth Riesgraf, responded, “We got you, G, and you got this. Always and forever.” With fire emojis, hearts, a trophy, and a crown with the hashtags “warrior” and “Queen.”

Olivia Munn also recently revealed her breast cancer diagnosis, while Christie Brinkley shared her skin cancer diagnosis. Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Shannen Doherty has been staying positive amidst her cancer fight, but that hasn’t stopped her from still planning out her funeral and who she doesn’t want to include. Meanwhile, King Charles III’s diagnosis came in January, meaning that the British royal family has had a lot on their hands recently.

Leverage: Redemption was only renewed for Season 3 in December and moving to Prime Video from Freevee. Since it sounds like Bellman and the rest of the cast and crew are hard at work on the new season, it shouldn’t be long until more details are released. Even though Bellman is doing pretty well right now, hopefully, she is still taking care of herself and resting when needed. It’s a tough diagnosis to deal with, but she is definitely handling it like a pro.


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