Kevin Costner Cuts Off Gayle King Over ‘Yellowstone’ Questions

Kevin Costner Cuts Off Gayle King Over ‘Yellowstone’ Questions

In the midst of Yellowstone rumors, Kevin Costner is sticking his ground. On the heels of news that he will not be returning for the final batch of episodes, Costner appeared on CBS Mornings, where the Paramount Network series was brought up. Via People, host Gayle King grilled Costner on his relationship with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, wondering whose ego was bigger.

Costner replied that he loves the show and loved it before anybody. “It was Taylor and myself. The truth never changes – that love was really strong. The idea of going back – I would do that in a second if I felt that it was… If it was something that I could do, wanted to do, I would make it fit.” That answer wasn’t enough for King, who further questioned why the two of them weren’t able to make it work, stating that his “characterization” hasn’t been “flattering” since his exit.

“If it’s not that hard, why can’t the two of you be able to work it out?” King wondered. Costner retaliated by saying, “This isn’t therapy, Gayle, I mean, we’re not gonna discuss this on the show.” While King continued to push by saying she’s a “good therapist,” Costner said he’s “conducted my life in a pretty straightforward way” and has “never missed any obligations in my entire career.” The Horizon actor certainly stood his ground and was not in the mood to talk about any Yellowstone discourse that was ugly.

Kevin Costner recently revealed that he was actually speaking with Taylor Sheridan in regards to possibly returning to Yellowstone before its end. Unfortunately, he did also confirm that he will not be returning to wrap up John Dutton’s story. Fans will have to find out in November when Yellowstone returns how John will be written off. While he won’t get the proper send-off he and Costner deserve, hopefully, off-screen, he’s given a fitting goodbye, even though it will be hard.

Last year, it was initially rumored that Costner had exited Yellowstone ahead of the final episodes, but he still expressed interest in wrapping up John’s story. So it’s possible that even though he wasn’t able to actually return, perhaps one of those discussions with Sheridan included how to wrap up his story off-screen. Fans will just have to find out when Yellowstone returns to finish off its fifth and final season on Nov. 10 on Paramount Network.

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