J. Cole Says He Doesn’t Consider Himself A Leader Of The New Generation

J. Cole Says He Doesn’t Consider Himself A Leader Of The New Generation

J. Cole sat down in an ESPN interview with Golden State Warriors general manager, Bob Myers. During the interview, Cole said he doesn’t consider himself a “leader for the new generation.” He also noted he hoped someone could fill the void for kids to follow.

In a new interview with Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers, Dreamville leader J. Cole said he doesn’t consider himself a leader of the new generation of children. 


J. Cole in a recent interview said that he doesn’t see himself as a leader of this generation compared to those he looked up to when he was coming up. SOHH Squad, what are your thoughts on this? #hiphop #hiphopnews #music #sohh #sohhdotcom #jcole #generations #leaders

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J. Cole A Leader Of The New Generation?

During the ESPN interview, Myers asked Cole if he thought of himself as a leader to the new generation, since he is now 38 years old

“I don’t look at myself like that,” he responded.  “It never even enters my mind.” 

Cole also mentioned that though some children may look at him the way he looked up to other rappers, he was adamant— he’s not their leader or role model.

Cole named rappers Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Andre 3000 as the rappers he looked to for guidance growing up. 

Cole also pointed out that kids don’t know his everyday life and should not look to him or any other rapper for guidance. 

Cole doesn’t consider himself a role model for the youth. However, he’s reached inspiring milestones like becoming the first rapper to appear on the cover of the NBA2K video game in September 2022. 

He also dropped an unreleased verse in the video game as an animated character. Cole also once paid for a young man’s meal in June 2022 after his card declined, which caused positive reactions on social media. 

Other figures in rap also felt Cole’s influence. Rapper/mogul 50 Cent said he didn’t sign Cole to G-Unit in an interview with The Breakfast Club in August of 2022 because he felt that J.Cole’s “smart and humble” image wouldn’t relate to the younger fans from a street background.  

J. Cole Releases Single Using A YouTube Producer’s “J. Cole Type Beat”

J. Cole released a single on a beat made by a YouTube producer called “Procrastination(Broke)” on Jan. 8. The producer, who uses the name Bvtman, made a “J.Cole type beat” on his YouTube channel, where Cole rapped on it and recorded a verse.

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