Is Gunna Leaving YSL?

Is Gunna Leaving YSL?

It has been recently reported Gunna is leaving YSL Records. The news follows after the Atlanta rapper faced numerous “snitch” allegations after taking a plea deal in the YSL RICO case.

Fans on social media are in a frenzy after it has been reported Gunna may be leaving YSL Records to sign with Atlantic Records

The alleged news comes after the “Pushin P” rapper faced mass “snitch” allegations from the hip-hop community after taking a plea deal in the YSL RICO case with Young Thug. Recently, a YouTuber posed as Gunna at a local mall, where fans chased him, calling him a “rat” or “snitch.”

One fan on Twitter commented, saying he believes the “Drip Too Hard” rapper definitely snitched and simply wants to leave YSL to run away from the “heat.”

Another fan implied in their tweet that Gunna squealed and ran.

However, Gunna’s alleged departure from the YSL label has not been confirmed.

Gunna’s Lawyer Responds To “Snitch” Allegations

Perhaps fans refuse to believe Gunna’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, who recently responded to the “snitch” allegations from the rap community. Sadow confirmed the YSL rapper did not cooperate with law enforcement.

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