Interview: Day1 on A Boogie collab, South Brisbane and being patient with music

Interview: Day1 on A Boogie collab, South Brisbane and being patient with music

After a head-turning entry onto Australia’s musical landscape, Day1 is fast becoming one of the country’s most noteworthy names off the back of his mix of gritty rap and slick R&B vibes.

Off The Clef spoke with the 19-year-old from South Brisbane, following the release of his third commercial single to date, ‘Riding‘.

BOSSwas the track that really directed Australias (and the worlds) attention to DAY1. How did that song come to life and what were your expectations when you released it?

Like all my songs, in kind of just happened. I was at home in my studio, played a beat and brought it to life. My expectation when I released it was to make some noise in Brisbane to inspire other areas to create music and represent the city. In terms of how far the song went, I did not expect at all.

You have a handful of massive hits under your belt now, but you havent been in a rush to open the floodgates on your catalog. Why do you think youve been so patient and meticulous with your releases to date? 

Ive been patient since the get go. I always knew that everything would have to be perfected in terms of the release. Ive always looked at it as playing your cards right, or making the right chest moves to direct yourself to checkmate.

Seeing it like this makes it easier for me to be patient because I know in the long run everything will work out if planned correctly. I know my worth, and It doesn’t bother me if people don’t know it yet.

You’ve noted A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie as an influence of yours, what did it feel like to not only release a track with him, but to also share that experience with Creed Tha Kid and Youngn Lipz?

I grew up to artists like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, so to be on a track with a person who inspired my type of music was defiantly a dream come true. Its hard to explain because it still feels surreal at this point in time.

Even better I was too share it with Creed Tha Kid and Youngn Lipz who to me are considered my friends, it was cool to do something crazy for Australia together.

You really ride for South Brisbane, including in this new record where you say “she know that 4122, she know the shit that we do” – how would you describe the South Brisbane area?

I wouldn’t say it was a rough area to grow up in, but I did learn a lot. All I can say is we’re the money making area. If you know, you know.

Brisbane is really popping with talent at the moment with guys like yourself and Creed carrying the torch, who are some other Brisbane acts the people should be looking out for?

LISI in my eyes is also a very different Artist in Brisbane. I don’t know him too well, but my respect is there. 

Now that A Boogie is ticked off the bucket list. Who are some other artists or producers you hope to work with one day?

I would love to work with following Artists in future; Fredo, Mist, One Acen, Drake, Tory Lanez and even Light from Greece.

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