How Did a Car Get Lodged in This Building? TikTok Users Puzzled After Coming Across ‘Chicago Fire’ Set Footage

How Did a Car Get Lodged in This Building? TikTok Users Puzzled After Coming Across ‘Chicago Fire’ Set Footage

Chicago Fire has had some insane emergencies over the years, but a recent emergency that hasn’t even aired yet has been making waves. A TikTok video recently went viral of a car lodged on the side of a building. There was also a different TikTok of the same scene from a different angle that is high up, giving people a bird’s eye view of what was going down as the car fell out of the building, crash landing on the ground, and it looked pretty incredible.

Luckily, the rescue, which took place in Chicago’s West Loop, is just for television. 24-year-old Madison Ranta, who shared a different viral video of a person in a Chicago Fire Department uniform balancing on the car before jumping out of the way as it fell to the ground, told the Chicago Sun-Times, “We were standing there for hours just watching them filming.” Many people commented on the videos, not knowing if it was real or fake, and were wondering just how the car got there.

A promo for an upcoming episode of Chicago Fire confirmed that it was in fact a fake, yet impressive, stunt. The promo for Season 12, Episode 10, “The Wrong Guy,” shows Firehouse 51 responding to a blue sedan stuck on the second story of a building, with Kidd wondering, “How did that get up there?” The entire time, the crew tries to figure out the best way to get the driver out safely since he was pinned in. At one point, the car even begins to go, with Kidd on the inside and Severide trying his best to keep it steady.

Even 12 seasons in and counting, Chicago Fire is still keeping people captivated, whether they are actually watching the series or not. The fact that people couldn’t tell whether the stunt was real or not shows just how crazy the series can be and how crazy actual emergencies can be. This is definitely not the first time people have mistaken a Chicago Fire stunt for something real or a different series, and it likely will not be the last.

Viewers will have to wait a little to see the stunt in action. Chicago Fire is on another break and won’t be back until Wednesday, May 1. From the looks of the sunt on TikTok and the promo, the wait will surely be worth it, not to mention everything else that the episode will include.


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