‘Home Improvement’ Star Calls out Tim Allen For ‘Lying’ About Revival

‘Home Improvement’ Star Calls out Tim Allen For ‘Lying’ About Revival

After Tim Allen hinted at a Home Improvement revival, his former co-star Patricia Richardson is calling him out. Back in November, Allen admitted that he still talks to some of his co-stars of the ABC sitcom and that they keep talking about a spinoff. If a revival of some sort does happen, don’t expect Richardson to return. Via Entertainment Weekly, the actress who portrayed Allen’s wife, Jill Taylor, revealed on the Back to the Best podcast that Allen never even told anyone about the revival.

“It was so weird. I would hear he was coming out publicly and saying this stuff about everyone was on board to do a Home Improvement reunion, but he never asked me, and he never asked Jonathan [Taylor Thomas],” Richardson said. I called Jonathan one day and said, ‘Has he asked you about this?’ He went, ‘No.’ So why is he saying everyone is on board when he hasn’t talked to you or me?”

On top of Richardson saying that Allen hasn’t reached out to her or their on-screen son, she says he “would not wan tto” do another Home Improvement reunion or revival if she was ever asked. Adding on to the fact that Zachery Ty Bryan has been involved in a mess of legal troubles, Taran Noah Smith hasn’t acted since Home Improvement, Thomas also isn’t big into acting anymore, it would be hard regardless.

Why Tim Allen would lie about the revival and having talked to multiple co-stars about a revival is unknown. It’s possible that he has talked to some of them, just not Richardson or Thomas. Meanwhile, it seems that he is pretty on board with doing another Home Improvement series, so it’s possible that he could have been hoping that the cast would be on board whether they were told about it or not.

Even if a Home Improvement revival were to happen, it would be a while, anyway. Allen is pretty busy as of late and is most recently working on a new ABC comedy pilot called Shifting Gears. He is also still awaiting news on a third season of The Santa Clauses, and not to mention the fact that Toy Story 5 may even be happening as well. For the time being, Home Improvement is not coming back, and Patricia Richardson has no interest in doing anything involving the series. At least it is streaming on Hulu, which is better than nothing.


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