Hailey Bieber’s Sister Alaia Baldwin Arrested

Hailey Bieber’s Sister Alaia Baldwin Arrested

Hailey Bieber’s older sister, Alaia Baldwin Aronow, was arrested on Feb. 24 on charges of simple assault, simple battery, battery and criminal trespassing following an incident at the Savannah, Georgia, club Elan, according to a police report obtained by Page Six.

Baldwin Aronow is accused of having violent interactions with three employees – bouncers Ian O’Neill and Jacinto Hills as well as bartender Haleigh Cauley. Security footage showed Baldwin Aronow, the daughter of Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, allegedly “forcing her way into the locked employee bathroom” despite being told to use the public restroom, according to the police report.

The bartender claims that once in the employee bathroom, Baldwin Aronow “told her she needed to change her tampon and asked for a few minutes, which she was granted,” however, “A few minutes later when Ms. Cauley again entered the restroom, the female removed her tampon and threw it at Ms. Cauley. This is when security stepped in and removed the female from the club.”

Baldwin Aronow was escorted from the building by the two bouncers, and the report said “can be seen fighting and resisting the entire way outside.” The video “clearly shows Ms. Aronow grabbing and pulling Mr. O’Neill’s hair and her hitting Mr. Hills in the genitals.”

Baldwin Aronow, however, has claimed things went down differently in her recollection of events to police. “Ms. Aronow stated she was forcefully removed from the club,” the report continued. “She initially denied forcing her way into the bathroom, only stating she needed to use the restroom to throw up and change her tampon. She also initially denied throwing her used tampon at Ms. Cauley but later stated she did throw it.” 

“When confronted about her pulling Mr. O’Neill’s hair out and hitting Mr. Hill in the genitals,” the police report read, “Ms. Aronow attempted to justify her action by stating she was defending herself.”

Baldwin Aronow’s arrest comes less than a week after her dad sparked speculation about Hailey and her husband, Justin Bieber, resharing an Instagram post that asked for prayers for the duo. “Christians, please when you think of Justin & Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them,” a Feb. 26 video from Victor Marx asked, “to have wisdom, protection and to draw close to the Lord. There are special challenges that folks in high visibility positions face.”


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