‘Good Trouble’ EP Explains Reason for Cancellation: ‘It Wasn’t Our Decision’

‘Good Trouble’ EP Explains Reason for Cancellation: ‘It Wasn’t Our Decision’

Good Trouble‘s series finale marked the end of an era, and it almost lasted a lot longer. The Freeform drama was a spinoff of The Fosters, which ran from 2013 to 2018, with Good Trouble premiering the following year. Good Trouble followed Maia Mitchell‘s Callie Adams Foster and Cierra Ramirez‘s Mariana Adams Foster as they moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dream careers, living in a communal living apartment building.

Just like The Fosters, Good Trouble ran for five seasons before it came to an end. Freeform had announced in December that the series was canceled, but it would be given a super-sized finale that was 90 minutes rather than the usual 60 minutes, including commercials. If it was up to the producers, Good Trouble would have gotten more than a super-sized finale, like another season. Executive producer and co-creator Joanna Johnson told TV Insider the reason why Good Trouble was ending.

“Well, it certainly wasn’t our decision,” Johnson admitted. “We wanted to continue to do the show. We thought we were probably going to have a Season 6. With the strikes and everything, the business changed. Some of the [business] models changed. Everybody is cutting back. Unfortunately, we got caught up in that.”

Knowing that more had been planned for Good Trouble is definitely a disappointment since they didn’t get that far. What a sixth season could have included is unknown, but it’s possible not everyone’s stories wouldn’t have been wrapped up by the Season 5 finale and would have carried on into the next season. Or maybe they would have, and Season 6 would continue showing what the Coterie gang is up to in their new lives. Very likely it would have also included Callie and Jamie’s wedding that fans never got to see, which is also a disappointment.

There is always the possibility that another series in the Fosters and Good Trouble universe could happen later down the line, or even a new life on a streaming service, but for now, it seems like that chapter has closed. At least Good Trouble was able to wrap everything up, even if it did feel a bit rushed at times. Now fans can rewatch the entire series, along with The Fosters, on Hulu, and fall in love with their favorite characters all over again and see their incredible evolution from first to last episode.


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