FX Drops New Full-Length Trailer For Tupac Docuseries, “Dear Mama”

FX Drops New Full-Length Trailer For Tupac Docuseries, “Dear Mama”

FX recently dropped a new full-length trailer for Dear Mama, highlighting Tupac’s struggles and his mother, Afeni Shakur, when he was younger. The docu-series is expected to stream on Hulu.

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FX has revealed the full-length trailer for Dear Mama. The docuseries Dear Mama: The Saga of Afeni & Tupac Shakur stars the late Tupac and his late mother, Afeni Shakur.  

The new series will shed insight into Tupac’s relationship with his activist mother. The show airs on April 21 on FX, and the next day on Hulu.

The trailer features a 17-year-old Tupac Shakur detailing his Afeni lessons. He particularly pointed out her teachings on the importance of being vocal on issues surrounding society.  

“My mother taught me to analyze society, and not be quiet, if there’s something in my mind, speak it,” Pac said. “My mother was a Black Panther and was really involved in the movement.”

Further in the trailer, the “California Love” rapper touched on how he and his mother never really got to spend time together.

“We never spent time together,” he said. “She was always speaking and going to colleges and everything. Then after that was over it was more time spent with me and we both were like ‘your my mother and she was like your my son, and what do we do?’” Pac added.

FX Releases Teaser for Tupac Docuseries, “Dear Mama”

Last December, FX released the teaser for a new docuseries touching on the lives and legacies of late West coast rapper Tupac and his mother, Afeni Shakur, whose life in activism served as inspiration.

The late “California Love” artist Tupac Shakur and his mother, political activist Afeni Shakur, are the subjects of a new Hulu docuseries, Dear Mama. In December, FX dropped a sneak peek that revealed the late rapper speaking about how similar he was to Afeni and her activism.

Dear Mama is scheduled to air on April 21 exclusively on Hulu. The five-part episodic project is presented by Menace II Society and The Defiant Ones, filmmaker Allen Hughes.

How Fila Paid Homage To Tupac

Even in death, Tupac inspires a whole new collection of apparel, footwear, and accessories with Fila. At the center of the footwear brand’s collection are the Grant Hill 2 Low sneakers to pay homage to the rapper’s life and legacy.

The Fila brand apparently gravitated toward Tupac, as he is wearing the Grant shoes in the original artwork of his All Eyes On Me album.

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