FAMU Football Team Suspends Activities Over Controversial Rap Video Filmed In Locker Room

FAMU Football Team Suspends Activities Over Controversial Rap Video Filmed In Locker Room

Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) football program is facing a temporary suspension of all football-related activities. The suspension was initiated by the head football coach, Willie Simmons, in response to a controversial rap music video filmed in the team’s locker room. The video, featuring rapper Real Boston Richey, raised concerns about its graphic content and unauthorized use of FAMU football gear and apparel.

FAMU’s Head Football Coach Suspends Activities

FAMU’s head football coach, Willie Simmons, took to Twitter to suspend all football-related activities in light of the rap video controversy. The video featuring rapper Real Boston Richey was filmed in the team’s locker room without proper authorization. 

Coach Simmons expressed that the video’s content, including graphic language and inappropriate suggestions, is not aligned with FAMU’s core values and beliefs.

University Branding & Licensing Agreements

In response to the situation, an internal investigation has been launched to determine who authorized the use of the athletic facility and licensed apparel without proper sanctions. The university is also investigating whether the incident potentially violates university branding and licensing agreements.

The rap video depicted Real Boston Richey brandishing FAMU football gear and wearing a FAMU polo shirt in the locker room. The lyrics of the song were laden with vulgarity and explicit content.

FAMU Fans React

Fans and the public have expressed mixed reactions to suspending football-related activities. Some have commended Coach Simmons for taking a stand and upholding the institution’s principles. “Thank you Coach Simmons, for standing up, & being a gatekeeper of a precious & hallowed institution,” wrote one fan. 

One other fan replied to this tweet calling Simmons’ action “true leadership.” While others have sarcastically drawn comparisons to a similar incident at Oregon’s football facilities involving a rap video filmed on the field and in the locker room. Another Twitter user quoted the tweet, sarcastically comparing the incident to a similar situation at Oregon’s football facilities. 

In that video, rappers from the group BlueBucks Clan can be seen recording a music video on the Oregon football field and locker room.

Currently, no specific timeline has been provided for when football activities will resume on campus. Coach Simmons assured the public that an internal investigation was underway to address the situation.

HBCUs Anticipate Surge In Applicants

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), including FAMU, anticipate a potential surge in applicants following a Supreme Court ruling that may lead to changes in admissions requirements.

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