Doja Cat’s Controversial Photo Raises Eyebrows: What’s Going On With The ‘Say So’ Star?

Doja Cat’s Controversial Photo Raises Eyebrows: What’s Going On With The ‘Say So’ Star?

As Doja Cat released her fourth studio album, Scarlet, her recent behavior and online antics have raised concerns among fans and the pop culture community. 

What’s Wrong With Doja?

Doja Cat has garnered attention for her behavior across social media. The “Paint The Town Red” rapper has recently unveiled her fourth studio album, Scarlet, which has garnered considerable interest within the pop culture community. 

However, a particular photo she recently posted and deleted, ignited a strong reaction from fans. In the picture, the “Tia Tamera” rapper wore a t-shirt featuring comedian and neo-Nazi Sam Hyde with a tiara on her head.

Who Is Sam Hyde?

Sam Hyde, known for his involvement in the alt-right sketch comedy show Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, has a controversial history. After one season, the show was deemed too controversial and was pulled from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim due to “coded racist messages” and hidden swastikas. 

According to The Atlantic, Hyde has appeared in blackface and used exaggerated vernacular, further worsening the controversy. Additionally, in a 2013 interview with DUMBFOUNDEAD on an episode titled “The Hotbox,” Doja revealed her Jewish heritage, elaborating that both her grandmother and mother share the cultural background.

Fans Breaking Up With Doja?

In response to the California native’s recent controversies, fans have started expressing their disappointment and selling tickets for her upcoming Scarlet Tour, which the rapper is set to kick off on October 31 in San Francisco.  

One user on TikTok named Simone Umba urges users to buy her Doja concert ticket from her. She stated in her video, “This is Day 60 something of trying to sell my Doja ticket, I know, I’m one of those idiots that bought tickets to her tour, this was literally before she went crazy”

Fans on X, formerly known as Twitter also chimed in on Doja Cat, where one user wrote, “We can’t afford to give high-profile celebrities the benefit of the doubt while fascism is on the rise. we need to stop trivializing Doja Cat’s conduct as ‘edginess’ and be clear that she’s a Nazi Sympathizer.” 

Another user wrote, “Doja Cat is just another biracial girl who has a weird chip on her shoulder about her blackness, & she compensates it with participating in weird niche online neo-nazi culture, seen it a million times, same song different dj.”

Doja Faces More Controversy

This is not the first time Doja Cat has been called out by fans. Additionally, in 2020, the “Say So” artist received backlash from being on incel chats, also known as racist chat rooms, where she has continuously denied partaking but is seen in multiple.

In June 2023, the Planet Her artist faced backlash due to her affiliation with J. Cyrus, her current boyfriend, and a Twitch influencer. According to PEOPLE, he had been accused of abusing women, and Doja came to Cyrus’ defense. 

As opinions on Doja Cat become increasingly divided, many wonder if her shocking behavior is her true self or merely an attempt to gain attention.

Is Ye ‘Trolling’?

In the realm of the music industry and questionable behavior, Kanye West has also faced criticism for offensive comments, causing concern for his actions. Recently, he filed a trademark for the term “YEWS,” which some view as a derogatory reference to the Jewish community.

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