DJ Khaled Faces Criticism For Silent Stance On Palestine Conflict

DJ Khaled Faces Criticism For Silent Stance On Palestine Conflict

Renowned producer and musician, DJ Khaled, finds himself at the center of a debate as people question whether he will speak up for his homeland, Palestine, amidst the ongoing conflict with Israel. 

Will DJ Khaled Support Palestine

As a prominent figure of Palestinian descent, DJ Khaled’s silence has raised eyebrows, fueling speculation about where he stands on the matter. With tensions escalating since the recent attacks, many are curious to see if DJ Khaled will use his platform to support Palestine. 

History Of Palestine and Israel’s Ongoing Conflict 

As the war between Palestine and Israel continues to wage on, it is worth noting that the conflict has been ongoing since 1948. However, it was the recent large-scale invasion launched by Palestinian militant groups, led by Hamas, on October 7, 2023, that reignited the discussion around DJ Khaled’s stance. The invasion has brought an eruption of violence to the region, with hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian civilians killed amid airstrikes from both sides.  A NYTimes report reveals the bodies of Israeli citizens, including women and children, massacred and lying in the streets as Palestinian gunmen raided towns.

Khaled’s Previous Thoughts On Foreign Conflict

While DJ Khaled has not explicitly addressed the current Palestinian issues, he has expressed his views on peace and love in the past. In 2021, he sent a message of love and prayers to his Palestinian brothers and sisters, emphasizing :

 “ Sending love ❤️ and light ☀️ and prayers 🤲🏽 to my Palestinian 🇵🇸 brothers & sisters and Everyone around the world 🌎 IM PRAYING FOR PEACE AND LOVE TO THE WORLD , PEACE AND LOVE TO EVERYONE!🌍 ! 🤲🏽”

DJ Khaled With The Daily Beast

In September 2021, during the world pandemic, DJ Khaled spoke with The Daily Beast, where he spoke about unity and peace in the Middle East. He stated:

 “ We want peace worldwide, so of course we want peace in Palestine. At the end of the day, I don’t get into politics. I get into people, and the love, and peace. And we want world peace. There’s a lot going on in this world, and we have to spread love—not just for ourselves, but for our kids. So, we want peace in the Middle East, we want peace in America, and we want peace everywhere. We pray that more of us come together and unify, and the more love we spread the more solutions we’ll get, because people are so beautiful.”

2014 Edition: Larry King and Dj Khaled 

In a 2014 interview with Larry King, DJ Khaled reiterated his commitment to peace, unity, and love. 

King asked: “How do you get involved politically in the Middle East?” Khaled responded:

 “ I get involved with the peace. Im all about peace. Im all about unity, Im all about love. I want my people to always be good.”

King then goes on to explain that he is Jewish and how he and Khaled are respectively “cousins.” The question: “Why can’t we (Jewish and Palestinians) get along?” Khaled answered:

 “ I wish I had the answer. In my eyes I don’t see why it’s a problem because, I’m sitting here with you right now. Me and you don’t have no problem. I respect you, you respect me and that’s how it should be. I think it’s more out of our hands but that’s why I come here promoting peace.”

Fans Speculate on DJ Khaled’s Silence

As of right now, spectators on Twitter(X) have questioned whether or not DJ Khaled will speak on the situation. One user stated: “ I cannot find anything on the internet about DJ Khaled’s take on what is happening with Palestine and Israel right now…and I’m not even cringing at the fact that I’ve been searching for his takes.”

Another user stated: “ Like people have to stop expecting activism from actors, rappers, singers. They got mad at DJ Khaled for not speaking on Palestine. Why do I want to hear what a man who went on camera to talk about how he doesn’t eat his girl out has to say???”

We The Best Foundation Golf Classic

Beyond the realm of the Middle East conflict, the Palestinian DJ has flourished in business and philanthropic endeavors. DJ Khaled and his foundation, We The Best, recently revealed plans for his inaugural golf classic. The event, titled We The Best Foundation Golf Classic, was set to take place in Miami in July 2023 and aimed to combine Khaled’s love for golf with his passion for philanthropy.

French Montana Takes A Stand For Morocco

In other international news, rapper French Montana has come to the aid of his homeland, Morocco.  The Bronx-bred artist made a generous donation to the African nation following a devastating earthquake. The country was struck by a 6.9 magnitude earthquake in September 2023, causing significant destruction and loss of lives. In response, Montana announced his partnership with Global Citizen and and pledged $100,000 to support Morocco through this difficult time.

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