Diddy’s Ex-GF Kim Porter’s Wiki Page Faces Deletion As Fans Campaign For Its Preservation

Diddy’s Ex-GF Kim Porter’s Wiki Page Faces Deletion As Fans Campaign For Its Preservation

Fans of the late model, Kim Porter, have taken action as her Wiki page has come under threat of deletion amidst Diddy’s ongoing legal battle. The page, which served as a tribute to Porter’s life and accomplishments, was marked for deletion by a long-time Wiki editor. However, loyal supporters are now rallying to save Porter’s page, arguing that she deserves to be remembered independently of Diddy’s controversies. 

Kim Porter’s Wiki Page

Amid the turmoil surrounding Diddy’s alleged abusive lifestyle, Kim Porter’s Wiki page has become a topic of contention. 

On Nov. 21, the page was marked for deletion by Geoff Lane, a seasoned Wiki editor known as “Glane23.” The reason given was an “unsourced biography” lacking proper references. 

The page’s revision history reveals that in the past 24 hours, there have been 28 revisions spearheaded by Glane23 and UtherSPG. However, fans and other community users vehemently oppose the deletion. 

Fans & Supporters Speak Out

One user, “PushinUpdates,” argued in favor of keeping the page:

”Keep. The page is basic biographical information. Considering that the subject was with a celebrity and existed around celebrities, all of the sources are legitimate. The media sources are legitimate. The media sources are from mainstream media magazines.”

Another user expressed concerns about the nefarious reasons behind the attempted deletion, reinforcing the need for Kim Porter to have her own page independent of Diddy’s controversies. Supporters have emphasized that Kim Porter deserves to be remembered as an individual separate from Diddy. 

They believe her accomplishments and contributions should not be overshadowed by her former partner’s legal battles. As one user passionately stated:

“Ms. Kim Porter’s Wikipedia page should remain intact. Ms. Porter is a separate individual from Mr. Combs, who is deserving in her own right to be remembered. Please do not redirect Ms. Porter’s page to Mr. Combs.”

The potential consequences of Diddy’s legal battles extend beyond his reputation to his children and even Kim Porter’s legacy. Whether or not these legal troubles will cast a shadow on Porter’s admirable life remains to be seen.

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