Country Star Dylan Schneider Teases Stagecoach Festival ‘Surprises’ and Kane Brown Tour (Exclusive)

Country Star Dylan Schneider Teases Stagecoach Festival ‘Surprises’ and Kane Brown Tour (Exclusive)

Country star Dylan Schneider is making his Stagecoach Festival debut this weekend, and fans are definitely in for some ‘surprises,’ he tells us. had a chance to chat with Schneider via Zoom, and he teased what the Stagecoach audience can expect from his set, and also opened up about joining Kane Brown on tour later this month.

“I have some fun surprises,” Schneider told us, then noting that he and his band are taking a cue from the set they played while opening for Nate Smith in 2023. “We played some cool, fun covers and stuff like that, so I think we’re probably going to pull something out like that.” He later added, “It’s going to be the best collection of the old, the new and have a little fun surprise in there or something possibly as well.”

Schneider — who just released a new EP, Bad Decisions —went on to share how he was feeling in the weeks leading up to his “first time playing Stagecoach,” saying that the fact he and his band are playing it all is “the most exciting part” about it. “I’ve gotten to play a lot of those other big festivals,” he continued, “but this was the one I really wanted to cross off the bucket list and the fact that we’re going to get to do it and release the EP, it’s going to be such a busy weekend. I’m just excited to get out there and experience it for the first time.”

After Stagecoach, Schneider will play some other festivals and one-off shows — with artists such as Thomas Rhett and Ashley Cooke — before linking up with Kane Brown’s In The Air Tour later this summer. Having already caught one of Brown’s concerts, Schneider praised the show saying, “The whole new set’s sick. I’m just excited to be a part of the tour.”

“I feel like that our style musically and the sound and everything complement each other very well,” he went on to say about touring with Brown. “It’s good going up for the fans. It makes the show flow nicely. I feel like people that are into his stuff like my stuff, people that are into my stuff like his stuff. It’s just a good energy there.”

“The few shows we got to play last year went over so well,” Schneider continued. “We sold a lot of merch, made a lot of new fans, and we saw that all at the end of those couple runs. That’s why I’m excited to even be a small part of this tour this year. I know it’s just a few shows and I didn’t even expect to be on it, so the fact that we found some time and some shows and made it work and both of our schedules lined up, it’s perfect.”

Finally, Schneider added, “I’m just excited to get to see the show again, be in the show, everything like that. And like I said, this weekend, his production, everything that I saw up there was amazing. I think it’s going to be a great little cherry on top of the summertime and just a fun little couple [of] weekends with him that we weren’t expecting to have anyway. It’s going to go over well, and every time me and Kane get to play shows, I feel like it’s electric.”

Stagecoach attendees can catch Schneider when he opens the main stage on Sunday, April 28. Click here for all of Schneider’s upcoming tour dates, and click here to listen to his new EP, Bad Decisions, at your preferred streaming service. Keep it locked to Pop for more great country music news, exclusives, and interviews!


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