Country Music Singer Dies in Crash After Car Flips: Ivana Pino Arellano Was 31

Country Music Singer Dies in Crash After Car Flips: Ivana Pino Arellano Was 31

Ivana Pino Arellano, a beloved country music singer, has died, according to the officials in Chanco, Chile. Meganoticias and Chilevisión Noticias report Arellano, also known as La Rancherita de Chanco, died in a fatal crash on June 15. She was 32.

The official Municipality of Chanco Instagram account shared news of the beloved musician’s death on June 15 in a moving tribute. “It is with deep sorrow that we bid farewell to our dear friend and colleague Ivana Pino Arellano, an unforgettable figure whose charisma will forever resonate in our lives,” the translated notice read. “Ivana personified the spirit of public service with passionate love, always willing to stand by people and find solutions even in the most difficult times. Studied and worked in our Municipality, with great responsibility and commitment.”

Arellano was driving on route M-80 in Chile’s Maule region when she crashed. A passenger was in the car with her at the time of the rollover accident; the passenger survived but was injured. The Sun, citing unspecified local reports, claims that road conditions were wet at the time

A large crowd gathered to honor La Rancherita de Chanco at her funeral this past week, according to 24 horas.

“Beyond her professional achievements, we want to highlight the immense love Ivana had for her family,” Chanco’s public tribute continued. “Her husband and children were the pillar of her existence, the reason behind every effort and sacrifice. Her melodious voice and passionate singing, not only brought families together at every celebration but also revealed her artistic soul and mission to make people happy.

“The name ‘Ivana,’ for us, will always mean happiness and joy in its purest essence. Thank you Ivana, for giving us days full of light and harmony. Your departure leaves a void impossible to fill, but your legacy will endure through time, reminding us of the beauty of your spirit and the generosity of your heart. We will never forget you dear friend, the Rancherita de Chanco.”

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