Consequence Calls Out Pusha T For Not “Sticking Together” With Kanye West

Consequence Calls Out Pusha T For Not “Sticking Together” With Kanye West

Consequence says he was “disgusted” with Pusha T for not “sticking together” with Kanye West amid controversies. Cons also pointed out Pusha was never the president of Ye’s record label, as he says.

The “Don’t Forget Em” artist sat for an interview with The Art Of Dialogue and said he was “disgusted” by how Pusha T distanced himself from Kanye West amid his controversial comments regarding Jewish people as well as comments on George Floyd’s death.

The New York native also calls “cap” on the Virginia native being the President of G.O.O.D Music.

“The whole G.O.O.D Music President shit, that’s cap there was no G.O.O.D Music president shit n**ga, like, that shit is cap it ain’t been that shit for years.”

The former Love & Hip Hop cast member also exposed how Ye and Push are allegedly going through personal issues with each other.

“Just say you’re mad about the Donda 3 party in Chicago when he{Ye} ain’t let you {Pusha T} on stage.”

In 2011, Consequence had past beef with Pusha T and Kanye West when they were going back and forth dissing each other in public before squashing it in 2015.

Antonio Brown President of Donda Sports

Unlike Pusha T, Antonio Brown didn’t distance himself from Ye. The NFL receiver and friend of Ye, showed his support by simply tweeting that he is choosing to remain the president of Donda Sports amid the controversy of Kanye’s comments

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