Chris Brown Accused Of Colorism Again After Group Of Black Women Were Denied Entry Into Afterparty At London Nightclub

Chris Brown Accused Of Colorism Again After Group Of Black Women Were Denied Entry Into Afterparty At London Nightclub

A group of British Black women has recently taken to TikTok, insinuating Black women were not allowed in Chris Brown’s VIP at a London nightclub. It was also mentioned that promoters were “handpicking” White girls.

A British TikToker along with a group of local Black women were recently not pleased when they were denied entry from Proud Late, a London nightclub where R&B star Chris Brown was hosting. The 33-year-old entertainer is in the UK for his “Under The Influence” Tour, which marks his first solo tour in 13 years.

No Black Girls Allowed?!

According to the girls, they were supposed to be on the VIP guest list.

“We were supposed to go to see Chris Brown and there were thousands of girls lining up there. Thousands of girls, and they were not getting in. And we were supposed to be on the VIP guest list,” one of the girls said.


Tonight was too funny 😂😂😂 btw we’re not saying this is Chris brown fault, the promoters for the club weren’t professional at all 😅 #funny #londonnightout #proudlateldn #fypシ

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Another woman said the promoters forgot to mention there are “no Black girls allowed,” also adding “they were literally handpicking these White girls.” TikToker @matty3114, who started the video, followed up on the claims, advising her followers not to go to Proud Late.

Fans began to flood the TikToker’s comments. 

One fan said, “What did yall expect?” Another commented, saying “Chris has been doing this in the clubs.”

Chris has been labeled as a “colorist” ever since Love & Hip-Hop star Tokyo Vanity made claims saying, the “No Guidance” singer bans darker-skinned women from his VIP sections. Since then, fans have found it hard to let it go.

Although the TikToker cleared the air, saying it wasn’t Chris brown’s fault, the girls’ claims have since been debunked after clips and photos surfaced of the R&B star partying alongside other Black women. 

The “Under The Influence” singer also took to his Twitter account to respond to the recent claims. He reposted the TikToker’s video and captioned, “CRAZY that I have to have receipts. LOVE OUTWEIGHS THE HATE OVER HERE!”

Chris Brown Can’t Catch A Break

It appears Chris Brown can’t catch a break since facing much backlash each time he steps out or collaborates with other artists. Fans are not only holding the colorist claims over his head but also the 2009 domestic incident between himself and Rihanna, which the Fenty mogul has already forgiven.

In November 2022, the singer was booed at the AMAs after winning “Best R&B Artist,” where R&B singer Kelly Rowland, who presented the award, had to shut down the booing while also giving the “With You” artist his flowers.

Additionally, “Wild Side” singer Normani faced heavy backlash for collaborating with Chris Brown in June 2022, where fans questioned her loyalty to Rihanna since she was also an ambassador for Fenty lingerie. 

How Long Will Chris Brown Be Shunned?

Recently, fans were unhappy after Chloe Bailey announced her upcoming collaboration with Chris Brown. The announcement eventually opened a can of worms.

This raises the question: How long will Chris be shunned for his past mistakes?

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