Childish Gambino Teases New Music For Upcoming Thriller Series, “Swarm”

Childish Gambino Teases New Music For Upcoming Thriller Series, “Swarm”

Childish Gambino, a.k.a Donald Glover, has been on a hiatus from music since finishing his hit series, Atlanta. In a trailer for his new series Swarm, he previews new music along with other artists.

Actor/musician Childish Gambino, real name Donald Glover, recently teased new music for the trailer of his new series, Swarm.

The trailer includes scenes from the upcoming series with new music. “Sticky,” the featured song playing in the background is sung by singer Ni’Jah and features Glover and rapper KIRBY

The Swarm EP with new music from Glover and others will be released on March 17.
Glover’s last album, 3.15.20, was released in 2020. In January, the “This Is America” rapper previously hinted at making new music at the Golden Globes in an interview with actress Laverne Cox.

In the new series, Swarm,  an obsessed Houston-based fan goes to violent lengths for her favorite R&B singer. Created by Glover, the new series will premiere on March 17 on Amazon Prime
Glover previously signed an eight-figure contract with Amazon Studios.

Childish Gambino Announces “Atlanta” Is Ending With Season 4

Childish Gambino or Donald Glover announced that his hit show Atlanta would end after the fourth season in February 2022. Atlanta first premiered in 2016, and the last episode aired in November 2022.

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