CBS TV Host Suffers Brain Injury

CBS TV Host Suffers Brain Injury

We here at are sending our best wishes to Clarke Finney, one of the personalities of CBS affiliate KENS 5. Finney, who also goes by her full name Clarke Finney Romo, recently suffered a brain injury and revealed her condition via social media on Monday. She described the injury as “hypoxic,” meaning it involved oxygen being cut off from that part of the body.

“Hey guys, I hope you’ve missed me on tv and I want y’all to know I’ve missed you too,” Finney wrote on Facebook. “In October I had a medical emergency which caused me to have a hypoxic brain injury. I am currently re-learning everything but one thing I haven’t forgotten is how much I love you guys. I miss serving my community and I cant wait to see you all when I fully recover. 

“I hope that you understand how much I love you, and how important being a journalist is to me. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has prayed for me, and a very special thank you to the amazing medical staff and therapists who have taken great care of me. Once I fully recover, I look forward to getting back to what I love, and it starts with loving you.”

There is no timeline for Finney’s return to the San Antonio, Texas-based CBS station. She also did not disclose any more information about her condition.

However, that wasn’t the only huge life update the Great Day SA host offered her fans this week. On Saturday, she revealed that she is currently expecting twins with her husband, Esai Romo.


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