Carmen Electra Is Changing Her Name

Carmen Electra Is Changing Her Name

Carmen Electra will soon only be known as Carmen Electra. TMZ reports that the actress and Playboy model has filed legal documents to change her name. Given Tara Leigh Patrick at birth, she reportedly wants to only be known as Carmen Electra, which is her stage name. However, she wants it to be her real name, which will be included in government documents and the like.

She made the file on Dec. 29, 2023, but as of now, there is nothing indicating that her request has been granted. However, considering it was done around the holidays, it’s likely the courts are just taking a little bit of time catching up with paperwork. It’s not so surprising that she wanted to make this change, especially since the world has known her as Carmen Electra since the early ’90s, most notably when she starred in Baywatch.

It’s unknown why Electra wanted to make the change now, as she’s had it as a stage name for over three decades. Since she did get it just before the New Year, she might have just wanted to start the year off differently. Hopefully, her request is approved soon because it’s likely she’s getting anxious about it. Changing your name is a big deal, even if it’s to something that’s been part of you for a while. Having it be official is a big step, and it’s definitely an exciting change in her life.

Carmen Electra’s name change comes on the heels of her first film appearance in 2015. Last year, she reprised her role as Roxanne in Paramount+’s Good Burger 2. On the TV side, she’s had guest appearances on a few reality shows in recent years, including Domino Masters, Hell’s Kitchen, and The Celebrity Dating Game. In 2022, she started an OnlyFans account so she could be her own boss and “have my own creative vision to share with my fans without someone standing over me,” as she told People.

Soon, Tara Leigh Patrick will be no more, as Carmen Electra will not only be a stage name. There’s a reason that she is changing it, and being in a new year is the perfect time for it. It will be a pain to change it on all of the official documents, but once that is all over and done with, the change will be more than worth it. 


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