Boosie Disses Daughter In New Track Amid Public Feud

Boosie Disses Daughter In New Track Amid Public Feud

Boosie has recently dropped a diss track that addressed the deteriorating relationship between him and his daughter. The track comes after a recent social media war in July 2023, where the Louisiana rapper took back the pink Benz he had gifted his daughter for her birthday, sparking a wave of backlash.

A Family Dispute

Boosie and his daughter Toriana Hatch are making headlines once again with their ongoing feud. On August 22, 2023, the “Set It Off” rapper released a diss track that partially addressed the situation with Toriana and her mother. 

In the song, Boosie raps lines such as: 

 “Baby mama, she done hit me with the child support/ Ol’ dirty-ass b***h ’bout to lie in court.  Well, that AMG Benz I’ma need that back/Won’t play it like that, you ain’t ’bout to keep that/Guess the b***h still mad ’cause her brother got wacked/This the same n***a f**ked your little sister in the cat/You sucked Bleek d**k while I f**ked you from the back/You ain’t never been s**t but a f**king hood rat/Your ungrateful ass.”

Toriana’s Deleted Scenes

Toriana didn’t remain quiet either. She took to social media, addressing the issues with her father in a now-deleted live video. She expressed the pain Boosie caused her, saying, “He broke my heart before a n**** did.” 

Amidst the heated exchange, Boosie can be heard in the background threatening Toriana’s mother, stating:

“Tell that b**** I’m taking her out my will in the morning. Ima black her eye when I see her.”

Supporter Reactions

Fans have seemingly taken Boosie’s side. 

A TikTok user commented, “Girl we team Boosie,” while another supporter commented, “he took that car back, now you in the back seat making videos.”

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Boosie’s Daughter Slams Him Over Pink Benz

A family dispute between Louisiana rapper Boosie and his daughter, Toriana Hatch, has taken a public turn on social media. On Instagram, Toriana called out her father for allegedly giving her a car only to take it back when she left Atlanta to help her injured mother.In response, Lil Boosie vehemently denied the accusations, claiming that the decision was related to child support matters. The heated exchange has now led Toriana to disown her father and has captured the attention of fans and followers.

Boosie’s Daughter Toriana Exposes Him on IG

On July 15th, Toriana Hatch, the daughter of renowned Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie, took to Instagram to air her grievances and expose her father’s actions. According to her now-deleted Instagram story, Lil Boosie had gifted her a car but later reclaimed it when she left Atlanta to support her mother, who was allegedly involved in a near-fatal car accident. 

Toriana expressed her disappointment, questioning her father’s parenting and criticizing him for not remembering the basic preferences of his own daughter. 

She stated on her Instagram story, “Who gives their daughter a car, take it back, on top of that give her a color she didn’t even like because you not “father” enough to remember lil sh** about your own daughter. N**** took the car back just because I left from ATL to help my mom who damn near lost her life in a car wreck. But that’s yall’s favorite rapper though! I can really run it. How he a b**** n****! Don’t want me to air it out!”

Boosie Responds To Accusations: “Spoiled!”

Lil Boosie, in response, posted on Instagram to address the accusations made by Toriana. He refuted her claims, stating that he took back the car because she left Atlanta abruptly, knowing that child support papers were filed against him. The rapper asserted that he has always taken care of his children, and Toriana had not expressed any dissatisfaction with him just two weeks prior when she was enjoying shopping sprees in Atlanta.

In his response, Lil Boosie also delved into the relationship between Toriana’s mother and himself, shedding light on her criminal history, including multiple arrests for stealing and a history of incarceration. Boosie claimed to have been actively involved in raising Toriana, even when her mother was in and out of jail. He further alleged that Toriana’s mother had named her after another man at birth, and he later took responsibility and changed her name.

Lil Boosie’s response stated, “I take a car for her leaving ATL lol BIG LIE !! She left Atl out of nowhere because she knew her moms had filed child support papers on me. This is after I bought an 80k car. I’ve always taken care of my children. She wasn’t saying this two weeks ago when she was in Atlanta going on shopping sprees everyday n has never said this but now I’m not a dad (Spoiled)If u go down talk you father talk the truth about your mother who’s been arrested over 12 times for stealing n been in n out of jail her whole life . 

Boosie Donates Pink Benz To Cancer Foundation

The social media drama escalated as Toriana clapped back at her father’s allegations, dismissing any claims about the police visiting her mother’s house. She labeled her father a “rat” and expressed her refusal to accept the father-daughter relationship any longer, proclaiming herself as “God’s daughter” rather than Boosie’s.

The feud gained even more attention when Lil Boosie, on July 16th, confirmed on Instagram Live that he would be donating Toriana’s Pink 2023 AMG Benz to the Cancer Foundation.

Boosie’s Daughter Iviona Comes Out As Gay

Lil Boosie’s public dispute with his daughter is not an isolated case.  In February of 2023, Lil Boosie’s other daughter, Iviona “Poison Ivi” Hatch, came out as lesbian to her father. Despite Lil Boosie’s initial disagreement and public rejection of homosexuality, he expressed that he would still love and support her.  

Russell Simmons Feuds With Daughters On Social Media

The Hatch family’s challenges and dynamics have now spilled over to the public, drawing comparisons to other music industry figures facing public family feuds.  Music mogul Russell Simmons faced a public family feud in June 2023 between his daughters and their fashion icon mother, Kimora Lee.  They accused Simmons of harassment, narcissism, and abusive behavior.

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