Boosie Calls Off Joint Album With T.I. After He Admitted He Snitched In The Past: “You A F*!king Rat Too!”

Boosie Calls Off Joint Album With T.I. After He Admitted He Snitched In The Past: “You A F*!king Rat Too!”

In a recent interview, Boosie said his album with T.I. may not happen due to the Atlanta artist admitting he has snitched in the past. He also feels it doesn’t matter if it happened before he became a rapper.

Updated By: Chris Samuel (2/21/23 at 3:00 pm)

In a new DJ Vlad interview, Boosie said his album with fellow trap music legend T.I., is off. The “Set It Off” rapper’s remarks follow after discovering T.I. cooperated with law enforcement after being involved in a gun case before he dropped his studio debut, I’m Serious, in October 2001.

When Boosie was asked about his thoughts on T.I. admitting he snitched on his cousin as a teenager, Boosie shared his thoughts.

“If he did that, you (T.I.)  a f*ckin’ rat too. I don’t spare no Mothaf*ckin’ body,” Boosie said. Boosie also voiced his frustration after T.I. shared the information after two decades.

“You gonna hold that in after all that damn time. Why admit to that?” Boosie said.

After the interviewer asked if the album was still dropping, Boosie replied,  “no.”

T.I. has been accused of snitching in his career ever since he participated in an ATL Crime Stoppers PSA in 2009 before serving time for federal weapons charges. 

Rapper/mogul 50 Cent was one of the main figures in the rap community who trolled T.I. for doing the PSA.

Boosie Says Upcoming Joint Album With T.I. Is Better Than Drake & 21 Savage’s “Her Loss”

In a recent interview, Lil Boosie revealed to Fat Joe that he would be releasing a joint album with fellow southern artist T.I. The Louisiana rapper says it will be better than Drake and 21 Savage’s album Her Loss.

Recently, Boosie Badazz sat with Fat Joe on Instagram live to discuss multiple topics. During the conversation, the “Set It Off” rapper revealed to Joe that his upcoming joint album with T.I. is better than the newly-released collaboration album Her Loss by 21 Savage and Drake.

“I heard Drake and 21 album, it’s hard but I don’t think it’s harder than our album.”

Fans on Twitter seemed to have mixed reactions about an upcoming album from the two southern natives. One user said while he was excited to hear about the album, he wishes it dropped in their prime years: 

“Boosie and TI got a collab album????? Mannnnnn I’m excited for that. I gotta have that. (Wish it was 10 years ago tho).”

Another fan said Boosie and the “No Mediocre” rapper can keep their joint album in the vault:

“Man nobody trying to listen to no Boosie and TI duo album.”

Drake And 21 Savage’s Her Loss

Drake and 21 Savage recently released their album, Her Loss. The project contains 16 tracks and a lot of controversies, with Drake mentioning other artists.

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