‘Blue Bloods’ Spinoff in the Works

‘Blue Bloods’ Spinoff in the Works

It seems like more Blue Bloods is on the way. As the long-running CBS procedural prepares to air its final batch of episodes later this year, there have been rumblings that this might not be it. While CBS President Amy Reisenbach has remained adamant that Blue Bloods is ending, a spinoff may very well be in the works.

Via TVLine, During Paramount’s annual stockholders meeting, Paramount Global co-CEO Brian Robbins naturally dropped that the Blue Bloods is expanding. “In TV, new franchise extensions are coming for DexterBillions, and Blue Bloods,” Robbins shared. “CBS’ hit Fire Country shows huge promise.” This is the first time that any sort of new Blue Bloods series has been revealed, meaning that it is still in early development. However, fans may want to get excited because it certainly sounds like more Blue Bloods is definitely on the way.

Of course, no other details have been released, and it’s possible it may not even go to series. That being said, though, what could this new spinoff look like? Perhaps it will go the NCIS and Big Bang Theory route and center on a young Frank Reagan pre-police commissioner and his days at the academy or rookie. Maybe it will branch off into other members of the Reagan family. This would also give the show a good excuse to really get into the background of Joe Reagan before his death and the events leading up to it. It could also center on a someone not even connected to the Reagans but still in the NYPD so there’s a chance that anyone could pop up.

Whatever happens, more Blue Bloods sound like a dream, even if it’s not another season of the original. Fans have been trying to save Blue Bloods in the hopes that it gets a reverse cancellation a la S.W.A.T. Since the series finale isn’t set to premiere until December, it could very well happen, even if the cancellation seems like a sure thing. At the very least, it sounds like people will be able to look forward to another Blue Bloods series at some point in the future that could help further expand the universe. There’s a reason the series will cap out at 14 seasons, and if the campaigns are any indication, fans aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

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