‘Blue Bloods’: Bridget Moynahan Reacts to Vanessa Ray’s Big Baby News

‘Blue Bloods’: Bridget Moynahan Reacts to Vanessa Ray’s Big Baby News

Bridget Moynahan is celebrating Blue Bloods‘ newest little family member. It was recently revealed that Vanessa Ray and her husband, Landon Beard, adopted a baby in November. While Moynahan and the rest of the Blue Bloods cast and crew have known about Baby Beard, the actress has taken to Instagram to share a sweet message to her TV sister-in-law now that news is finally out in public.

“In another story of friends doing cool things…,” Moynahan began, “Congratulations to my TV sister and friend Vanessa Ray and her most amazing husband Landon Beard on becoming parents! This little boy has a lifetime of love and laughter ahead of him and an entire Blue Bloods family of aunties, uncles and grandpas!!!”

According to People, Moynahan was actually one of the first people Ray told about her decision to adopt. “I literally was at work crying, and I went to Bridget Moynahan, and I was like, ‘I just called Landon, and we think we should be parents,'” Ray shared with the outlet. “She was like, ‘Great, you need to talk to Peter Hermann.” Moynahan’s on-screen ex had previously adopted two kids with wife and Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay and walked Ray and Beard “through everything” they would need to know about the process.

The fact that Vanessa Ray was able to adopt just in time for the final season of Blue Bloods was fate. It sounds like the little one is already a hit on set and will have the best aunts, uncles, and grandpas ever, blood or not. It’s also very sweet that Bridget Moynahan had a hand in guiding Ray, or at least steering her in the right direction of someone who’s adopted before. There is no telling how long she has had that post drafted or at least thought of, as it’s clear she is as happy as ever for the couple.

Perhaps art will imitate life and give Jamie and Eddie a baby before Blue Bloods comes to an end later this year, however it happens. In the meantime, it seems like Ray is getting all of the love and support from her family on the CBS procedural and fans around the world. It is insanely sweet to see, especially after the long wait that Ray and her husband probably had during the process. The wait was surely worth it, though, as well as the announcement.


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