Best bars from Seth Sentry’s new YouTube series

Best bars from Seth Sentry’s new YouTube series

For the past five weeks, iconic Melbourne emcee Seth Sentry has been releasing throwaway concept-driven tracks every Sunday, as a part of his new YouTube series ‘Super Cool Tree House’.

We’ve picked apart the best lyrics to come from the five releases to date.

“Even Jesus got ripped doing Cross-Fit”

Not much else to say about this hilarious bar from Episode 5 of Super Cool Tree House. A classic Seth Sentry punch.

“I’ve been Mullin it over like Rodney, I’m still making songs for my Daewons”

If you’re a skateboarding fan, then you obviously lost your mind reading this clever play on the epic Rodney Mullin vs Daewon Song series from the late-90’s.

“Nobody spits dope if they’re GOATs well then bitch show me then/
Crept to their door, opened it, slowly and tip toed but shit/
Somebody set the bar too low and I tripped over it”

This video game-centric episode of the Tree House series came with a flood of clever gaming entendre’s, although this ‘bar too low’ lyric goes down as one of the most epic of the entire series.

“Fuck a ‘yes sir,’ fuck your Mana’s I don’t use spells”

Shout-out to every nerd who got this one upon their first listen. Seth not only plays on Mana’s/Manners, but with subtitles in full effect, seeing ‘Manas’ spelt out further plays on Seth not using ‘spells’. Either way you look at it, it’s a bar.

“I got leopards in my pen/
So try connect the dots/
Cause every metaphor has a fucking set of claws”

The opening episode of Seth Sentry’s ‘Super Cool Tree House’ series drew inspiration from the wild Netflix documentary, ‘Tiger King’. Seth had a field day with this episode, that documentary couldn’t NOT provide a rapper with wordplay opportunities.

“Making Paper Tiger like I’m Bill Burr”

Tiger King, Bill Burr and Seth Sentry is an ambitious crossover that the world deserved during these trying times. Touché Seth.

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