Arrest Made Outside Miley Cyrus’ Home

Arrest Made Outside Miley Cyrus’ Home

Miley Cyrus had an unwelcome surprise after an unannounced visitor arrived near her doorstep. Police sources told TMZ Alexander Karddalian, 52, was arrested early Friday near Cyrus’ Los Angeles home after they received a call around 1 AM about a suspicious person.

Sources told the outlet he was trying to give Cyrus something, specifically a stuffed animal, at her front gate. Despite his efforts, the man didn’t succeed. According to TMZ, Cyrus’ security detained him until the LAPD arrived. The police hauled him away after they arrived and booked him for violating a court order. 

Cyrus previously got a restraining order against Karddalian for a similar incident last year, and he was ordered to stay away from her. The “Used to Be Young” singer, 31, said he has a “dangerous fixation and/or obsession” with her, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

According to the order, Kardalian must stay at least 100 yards from her residence, car, and any venues where she performs. In addition, he is prohibited from contacting the pop star or attending any of her public events.

Cyruss said Kardalian suffers from “severe mental health challenges,” and his “obsessive behavior” last summer progressed from writing letters making sexually explicit remarks about Cyrus to showing up at her Los Angeles home twice, according to TMZ.

When he was serving time at San Quentin State Prison in December 2022, he sent Cyrus a letter promising to return to her home after his release, the outlet reports. Kardalian was prevented from getting past the front gate by Cyrus’ security, and the police were called. He was kicked off the property and told he would be arrested if he returned. Cyrus said she soon learned Kardalian had been listing her address on his health insurance as his own.

Following the restraining order, Kardalian was arrested after showing up at the “Flowers” singer’s house a fourth time. The adult male attempted to gain access to Cyrus’ Los Angeles home on Oct. 1, continuing into the early morning of Oct. 2, court documents obtained by revealed. Kardalian was arrested on an outstanding warrant at Cyrus’ residence after police were called. 

Cyrus claims she has been receiving letters from Karddalian since at least 2018. According to TMZ, the pop star was home for the latest incident, but thankfully, she was not confronted by the suspect, as her team handled the situation successfully.


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