Another ‘Modern Family’ Star Is Down for a Revival

Another ‘Modern Family’ Star Is Down for a Revival

Another member of the Tucker-Pritchett-Dunphy family is on board for a Modern Family revival. While the ABC sitcom ended in 2020 after 11 seasons, it’s never too early to start hoping for a comeback. The cast has remained close since saying their initial goodbyes almost four years ago, having a reunion every once in a while. When it comes to bringing back Modern Family, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons shared her thoughts on a possible return, which she’s spoken about with her on-screen dad, Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Even though she admitted she is on board, she revealed her one condition to

“They really haven’t said much about anything, but my mom asked me, ‘Would you want to do that?’ and I thought about it, and I don’t know,” Anderson-Emmons said. “I think maybe if it happened – and probably if it did happen – I would be out of high school. So honestly, that would be fine with me, but I want to stay in high school because I only have less than a year and a half left.”

“I’d definitely be interested if the script was good and the dads were on board, but school is my priority right now – unless something great comes along,” Anderson-Emmons continued. “I feel like the finale left possibilities, and I think that’s why people are always talking about a spinoff of the Tucker-Pritchett family.”

The Modern Family finale saw Cam, Mitch, Lily, and baby Rexford heading off to Missouri after Cam was offered his dream job. It would surely be entertaining to get a spinoff centering on just the Tucker-Pritchett family since some of the most memorable moments involve Cam, Mitch, and Lily, no matter how out of pocket and unhinged they are. It may still be a while until anything happens if anything does happen. It’s great that Aubrey Anderson-Emmons wants to focus more on school and wait until she’s done, at least for now. She was on Modern Family for basically her entire childhood.

Hopefully a Modern Family revival, reboot, or spinoff happens in the future. The series is still alive and well, thanks to streaming and reruns. There have also been many shows making comebacks no matter how long it’s been since they ended, so you never know what could happen. In the meantime, all 11 seasons of Modern Family are streaming on both Hulu and Peacock.


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