‘American Pickers’ Star Is Getting Married This Week

‘American Pickers’ Star Is Getting Married This Week

The future of American Pickers seems to always be teetering on the edge of cancellation in recent times. With the departure and health of Frank Fritz and a backlash of sorts against Mike Wolfe, the series seems to have some detractors.

Amid this, cast member Danielle Colby made hints that she could be leaving the show amid low ratings, all before revealing she’s getting married this week. As she wrote in a recent story share, posting an image that said, “Stop being the one who always makes the effort. Relax and let the ship sink.”

A prior post also hinted at frustrations on the show, sharing an image that showed letters reading, “Knowing when to leave is so important. The Party. The Job. The Relationship.”

This could mean her time on American Pickers is ending or it could just mean she’s thinking about the future. The latter gets a little more weight added due to her impending nuptials this week. “I get to marry my best friend this month,” her fiance, Jeremy Scheuch wrote on his own social page.

“Love is in the air,” Crosby’s own post opens. “We can’t wait to be surrounded by so many of our loved ones this week as we get married in the mountains of Puerto Rico, overlooking the ocean.

“The last couple of years were tough to pull through with my health complications but because of this beautiful human, I’m still here. I’m forever thankful to be surrounded by so much love from one person,” she added. “We are the luckiest people to have found each other. Thank you [Jeremy Scheuch] for being my anchor. If it weren’t for you I would surely float off into space… which might be beautiful but very very lonely.”

Congrats to the American Pickers star. Hopefully, the rest of her life is as happy as she is this week.


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