Alicia Keys Files Trademark For New Line Of Teas

Alicia Keys Files Trademark For New Line Of Teas

Alicia Keys is expanding her brand with a new venture in the beverage industry. The R&B sensation recently filed a trademark for her upcoming line of teas. 

New Beginnings: ‘Alicia Teas’ 

On September 25th, Alicia Keys made a bold move by filing a trademark for her new line of teas. 

Her company, AK Worldwide, has secured the rights to the name Alicia Teas,a clever play on her stage name. This exciting news hints at the possibility of Starbucks lovers being able to enjoy Alicia’s teas in the popular coffee chain in the future.

Keys’ interest in the world of teas began in 2020 when her husband, Swizz Beatz, gifted her with a personalized line of teas for her birthday. At that time, Beatz expressed his belief that the teas would eventually find their place among Starbucks’ offerings.

Something For The Coffee Lovers 

The prospect of “Alicia Teas” being available at Starbucks would be a major milestone for Keys and her fans. Not only would it provide a platform for her to showcase her passion for teas, but it would also expose the brand to millions of coffee lovers around the world. 

“Alicia Teas” could potentially introduce a new wave of flavors and experiences to the Starbucks menu.

Alicia Keys To Be Honored 

As the “Empire State of Mind” singer continues to make waves in various industries, her musical accomplishments remain integral to her legacy. Recently, she was honored by the Black American Music Association at the inaugural ICE Medal of Honor celebration, along with other notable individuals such as Grandmaster Flash, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis

The event, held at Morehouse College’s Ray Charles Performing Arts Center, celebrated their contributions to the music industry.

Kanye West Trademarks Yeezy 

This move by Alicia Keys to trademark her line of teas follows in the footsteps of other artists who have diversified their brands. Kanye West, for example, made headlines in May when he filed a trademark application for a new line of Yeezy “sock shoes.”

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