6LACK and Endel Release “SIHAL” Album in Time for Back-to-School

6LACK and Endel Release “SIHAL” Album in Time for Back-to-School

6LACK, the multi-talented singer and rapper, has teamed up with the AI-powered sleep and focus app, Endel, for the highly anticipated release of his latest album, “SIHAL (Endel Lo-fi Soundscape).” Perfectly timed for the back-to-school season, this collaboration promises to enhance study sessions and boost productivity.

The “SIHAL (Endel Lo-fi Soundscape)” album is a reimagined version of 6LACK’s latest studio album, “Since I Have a Lover.” Working alongside Endel’s AI soundscape technology, the album offers listeners an immersive experience designed specifically for focus mode. Endel’s AI technology is able to sense and respond to the listener’s state, creating a harmonious soundscape that complements their needs.

But that’s not all – this is just one part of the collaboration. The first album, “SIHAL (Endel Sleep Soundscape),” was released to Endel users on July 8. Tailored to assist listeners in naturally drifting into a state of slumber, this album offers a calming and soothing soundscape, perfect for those seeking relaxation and rest.

6LACK is excited about this collaboration and sees it as an opportunity for people to experience his music in a whole new way. The “SIHAL (Endel Lo-fi Soundscape)” album aims to provide not only focus and productivity but also inspiration, creativity, and a sense of balance in life through its unique sounds.

Beyond the music, 6LACK has become an advocate for better mental health, and Endel’s CEO, Oleg Stavitsky, shares the same passion. The collaboration reflects a shared vision of using music and technology to promote overall well-being.

This is not Endel’s first venture into working with artists. They have previously collaborated with notable musicians such as Richie Hawtin and James Blake to create AI-powered soundscapes for relaxation and focus.

As part of their expansion, Endel has joined forces with Universal Music Group, paving the way for future collaborations with more artists.

“SIHAL (Endel Sleep Soundscape)” by 6LACK is currently available on Endel, while the lo-fi focus version will be released at a later date. Fans can also stream and purchase both versions on major platforms and stores, making it easily accessible to music enthusiasts everywhere.

For 6LACK, this venture with Endel marks a new chapter in his music career and showcases his commitment to exploring innovative ways to connect with his audience. With his original studio album, “Since I Have a Lover,” released in March, the collaboration with Endel adds a unique dimension to his artistic repertoire, offering fans a captivating and transformative listening experience.

Updated by Kelci Brown on July 28th, 2023.

6LACK Partners With AI App To Promote Mental Health & Better Sleep

Mental health advocate and artist 6LACK has joined forces with Endel, a leading AI app specializing in functional soundscapes, to revolutionize how people approach sleep and mental health by reimagining his album Since I Have A Lover. The R&B singer/rapper aims to promote self-love, healing, and improved mental well-being. This collaboration aligns with BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month, highlighting 6LACK’s ongoing advocacy for mental health and the power of sound in restoring inner peace.

BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month Collaboration

The release of the sleep soundscape album during BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month adds another layer of significance to 6LACK’s collaboration with Endel. As a vocal mental health advocate, 6LACK aims to raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and inspire action in the BIPOC community. 

The month-long observance provides a platform for individuals to share their experiences, support one another, and take positive steps toward better mental health. Through his partnership with Endel, 6LACK continues championing mental wellness and creating innovative self-care solutions.

Endel’s Role In Reimagining 6LACK’s Album

The app’s scientifically engineered soundscapes bring a new dimension to 6LACK’s music, offering therapeutic benefits and promoting mental well-being. Using AI and scientific research, Endel creates personalized sound environments for sleep, relaxation, focus, and creativity. 

The collaboration with the “Temporary” artist demonstrates the transformative power of combining music with technology to enhance the listener’s experience and facilitate emotional healing. These functional soundscapes are available on major streaming platforms and within the Endel app for a limited time, enabling users to explore new ways of finding tranquility and achieving mental balance.

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