50 Cent’s ‘G Unit Film & Television Studios’ Gets Greenlight

50 Cent’s ‘G Unit Film & Television Studios’ Gets Greenlight

50 Cent continues to solidify his presence in the television industry as Shreveport, Louisiana, has approved the lease for his G Unit Film & Television Studios. The recent decision was made by Shreveport City Council members, greenlighting the TV mogul’s upcoming studio.

50 Cent’s Studios Gets The Greenlight

The lease agreement, introduced by Shreveport City Council members on Nov. 14, authorizes the lease of the Millennium Movie Studio to 50 Cent’s G-Unit Film & Television Louisiana, LLC

This lease aims to establish a production studio and facilitate activities related to promoting and developing the film, sound, light, movie, television, broadcasting, recording, and arts industries.

Shreveport Mayor Expresses Excitement

Shreveport mayor Tom Arceneaux shared a statement to the city’s KSLA News and expressed his enthusiasm for the lease agreement, highlighting the potential rejuvenation of the city’s television and film industry. 

”We enjoyed for a period after 2005, we enjoyed a very robust television and film industry in the Shreveport area. This will bring back I think a lot of those people and will rejuvenate that industry in our area. So I think the film industry is about to blossom again in Shreveport,” Arceneaux said. 

If the current lease draft is approved, it will be valid for 30 years at an annual rate of $2,400, with the option to renew for an additional 15 years. The city council is expected to finalize this decision on December 12.

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50 Cent To Open G-Unit Film Studio In Louisiana

Rapper and television producer, 50 Cent, is expanding his empire by opening his own film studio in Louisiana. The 985,000 square foot warehouse will be known as “G-Unit Studios,” where 50 Cent will further expand his G-Unit brand in the TV & film industry. 

The property, formerly home to Millennium Studios, has been under negotiation with 50 Cent since April 2023.  The Ledbetter Heights facility in downtown Shreveport was opened in 2007 to service productions in Louisiana and has been leased by the city of Shreveport through December 2057.  

The facility is well-equipped for production, with two sound stages, a construction mill, an SFX mill, and a VFX studio. 

The TV mogul’s foray into television began with the Power series in 2014 and has had spin-offs such as Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, and Power Book IV: Force. His Power spinoff shows are among the most-watched shows on the Starz network, and the series won two NAACP Image Awards for “Outstanding Drama Series.” Additionally, 50 Cent has produced Hip-Hop Homicides, Fightland, and BMF (Black Mafia Family).

50 Cent’s “G-Unit Studios” will provide him with a private space to create new shows and films. The facility’s former 985,000-square-foot warehouse features two sound stages, production offices, and VFX and SFX studios. 

The rapper-turned-media mogul is currently partnered with Starz. He has expressed frustration with Starz and says he intends to leave the network once their contract expires. 50 Cent also recently signed a non-exclusive deal with Fox

Mary J. Blige’s Lifetime Movies

Mary J. Blige, who is part of the Power Book II series cast, is also making her mark in the film industry by executive producing movies with Lifetime.

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