33-Year-Old Movie Star Injured in Bike Crash

33-Year-Old Movie Star Injured in Bike Crash

A vacation to the U.S. landed an international movie star in the hospital. Per a report from Hindustan Times, actor Naveen Polishetty is on the mend after a bicycle crash. The 33-year-old Chhichhore actor was visiting Dallas, Texas, at the time of the incident, which resulted in a broken arm for Polishetty.

“Naveen was riding his bike in Dallas in the US when he lost control of it,” the actor’s rep told Hindustan Times. “He tried his best but it skid, resulting in an arm injury. This happened a few days ago but we only just found out about it. His arm is fractured and he’s recuperating in the US right now.”

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The star, who has 1.1 million Instagram followers, has not addressed the incident on social media. His last message to fans came in 2023 when he offered his best holiday wishes while noting he was taking time away from social media in order to prep his next movies.

“So now as the year comes to an end, I go back into the scripting stage for the upcoming films,” Polishetty wrote on Instagram. “You might hear less from me but know that’s only cause scripting takes time and I have some very diff and entertaining films coming up for you guys next year.”

Aside from Chhichhore, Polishetty has also impressed audiences with his work in Jathi Ratnalu, Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya and his latest movie, the 2023 romantic comedy Miss. Shetty Mr. Polishetty. He also appeared on the Indian version of the TV show 24.


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