21 Savage & Drake Share Epic Onstage Reunion In Canada Amid Immigration Hurdles

21 Savage & Drake Share Epic Onstage Reunion In Canada Amid Immigration Hurdles

21 Savage and Drake prove that friendship knows no borders as they reunite on stage during Drizzy’s It Was All A Blur Tour in Canada. The surprise followed Savage’s entry denial into the country and holds significance for the British rapper, marking his first international trip since his legal struggles with ICE in 2019.

Welcome Back, 21!

It was in 2019 when fans worldwide discovered that 21 Savage was a United Kingdom immigrant residing in the United States with an expired visa. Only recently has he altered this narrative as a permanent U.S. resident. 

After being denied entry into Canada, 21 Savage reunited with Drake on stage during Drizzy’s It Was All A Blur Tour in Canada.

​​The “Search & Rescue” rapper had initially intended for 21 to join him at his shows on October 6-7. However, the British-born rapper faced entry denial into Canada on the first night due to undisclosed reasons. 

Furthermore, this surprise appearance marks a milestone for 21 Savage himself, as it signifies his first time venturing outside the United States since his legal battles with ICE in 2019. The rapper has been celebrated for his resilience and the evolution of his narrative, with a short film documenting his return to his home in the U.K. after receiving his green card. 

A Big Surprise

In the “Bank Account” rapper’s absence, Lil Baby stepped in to fill the void. However, fate smiled upon 21 Savage as he finally gained entry on Saturday, Oct. 7, surprising the audience and igniting a wave of excitement. 

When 21 Savage stepped on the stage, he and Drake shared a heartfelt embrace, triggering an eruption of cheers from the crowd. This reunion is significant for both artists, as the Toronto native has supported 21 Savage throughout his visa and immigration struggles.

In Drake’s song “8AM In Charlotte,” he acknowledges 21 Savage’s achievement of obtaining a green card, rapping:

“Savage got a green card straight out of the consulate. Where I go, you go, brother, we Yugoslavian. Formal is the dress code, dawg, so many checks owed. I feel Czechoslovakian, ni**a, what the f***?” 

This collaboration is a testament to their bond beyond music.

Call Of Duty: Playable Character

The excitement surrounding 21 Savage’s entry extends beyond the concert venue, with fans taking to Twitter(X) to express their joy. 

One user exclaims, “Drake couldn’t wait to take 21 Savage’s green card virginity,” while another playfully remarks, “They’re not letting 21 Savage live down this green card situation. Lol they’re talking about ‘Hip Hop Hooray for Sir Savage.’” 

This enthusiastic response from fans hints at the potential for more international tours in the future from the Her Loss collaborator.

In addition to his successful tour appearance, 21 Savage has also made waves in the gaming industry. As a playable character in the popular franchise Call of Duty, the rapper’s virtual combat skills have brought a new dimension to the gaming experience, expanding his influence beyond the realm of music.

A$AP Rocky vs Sweden 

Meanwhile, A$AP Rocky, who faced his own international troubles, is taking proactive steps to rebuild his reputation. The New York rapper has invested in a Swedish fintech company called Klarna, demonstrating his commitment to moving forward after his arrest and subsequent scandal in Sweden.

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