10 albums to look forward to in 2020

10 albums to look forward to in 2020


Although not necessarily an album – Sydney rapper, producer and all-round superstar Kwame is gearing up to release his third EP, following 2017’s ‘Lessons Learned’ and 2018’s ‘Endless Conversations.’

The ‘schleep.’ rapper has already released two singles that will feature on the EP, in the form of ‘NOBODY’ (featuring E^ST) and ‘STOP KNOCKIN’ @ MY DOOR!’ – which showcases Kwame’s elite sampling game in the same swift breath as his world class penmanship.


Believe it or not, Kaiit’s ‘Live From Her Room’ Extended Play is now 18 months old, and we are more than ready for some new music from the compelling young songwriter.

Co-signed by the likes of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, the future-soul singer has the whole of Australia (and the world) waiting on her next move, and after blessing us in 2019 with a sole release; her wonderful, sunny record ‘Miss Shiney’, nothing would please us more than a full-length Kaiit release in 2020.


Having already announced his impending 10th full-length release (including Thundamentals albums), it’s easy to get excited about what Tuka is bringing to the table in 2020.

While we are sure that a release is coming, the end product is murky, as Tuka dropped three singles in quick succession towards the back end of 2019 (all with the same style of artwork), before switching it up with two loosies this year, including the powerful ‘January 1st’.

Whatever sonic, creative and structural direction the album comes in, it’s safe to say that the buzz and quality will be there.

The Kid Laroi

Having already announced that he is working on his debut album – and encouraging fans to assist him in naming the project – The Kid Laroi is a certainty to put the world on notice with his upcoming release.

Having already cut through to the mainstream off the back of singles ‘Let Her Go’, ‘Diva’ and ‘Addison Rae’ (read more here), Laroi is widely regarded as a future megastar by Hip-Hop punters across the globe. A full-length album would seal their predictions as accurate.

Youngn Lipz

Western Sydney is the beating heart for a lot of what’s happening within the Australian music scene right now, and a leader of that pack is Youngn Lipz.

With his crooning breakout hit ‘Misunderstood’ recently cruising past 5 million views on YouTube and nearing 10 million on Spotify, Youngn Lipz is posting astounding numbers that have all signs pointing towards his debut project being a monumental moment for YL himself and Australia alike.

Mitchos Da Menace

In the two years since his last full length album, Mitchos Da Menace has evolved exponentially, broadening his sonic horizons and sharpening his lyrical craft finer than ever.

With an LP set to drop in the coming months, the hype, anticipation and expectations are each as high as they’ve ever been for the talented West Sydney emcee.

Arno Faraji

Is 2020 the year we get that long-awaited Arno Faraji project? We really hope so.

The young Perth rapper/producer has been dropping smash after smash since early 2017 now, and his last handful of releases have been yet another step above, with tunes such as ‘Bass Jumpin’, ‘Sneakers’ and ‘Scalin’ really ramping up our anticipation of a debut LP from Faraji. The weather’s changing and we think #FarajiSzn is just around the corner.


Hoodzy has been on our radar for a minute now, and after signing to Forever Ever Records and being guided by OG Hau Latukefu, there’s no doubt Hoodzy is on her way to becoming a household name.

Her major label debut, ‘The Land’, places Hoodzy’s staunch lyricism with a cool and catchy hook. For a 17 year old, it’s seriously impressive. However, regardless of age, it remains seriously impressive.

A debut EP could very well be on the cards for Hoodzy in 2020.


OGM are a West Sydney-based crew consisting of Carlito Hendrix, T Kingston and Kado (as well as creative director Drayco) – three of the most promising musical acts in Australia, who are ready to break through to the next level.

The OGM crew released ‘Tidal’ last year, which was a slick, wintery commercial introduction to the gang. If that wasn’t enough to convince you of their ability, we’ve heard some unreleased material from Carltio Hendrix which is as impressive as anything else playing on your airwaves right now.

Here’s hoping for an OGM tape in 2020.

Brandon Stone

In what is reminiscent of a Lil Uzi Album rollout, Melbourne rapper Brandon Stone has been teasing his debut album ‘Northside Lullaby’ for close to 18 months now.

After dropping singles ‘Wrist’ and ‘Front 2 Back’ in early 2019, it was expected that Stone would soon follow with the much-hyped ‘Northside Lullaby’ LP. While it never came, and the structure of that album has surely been flipped on its head in the time since, the underground buzz is still there for the north Melbourne emcee to release the project.

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