Video of the Week #250: Everything by Electricity – Goodbye

Video of the Week #250: Everything by Electricity – Goodbye

Everything By Electricity is Yulia Bizyukova. She was born and raised in the barren landscape of Barnaul, Siberia, where it snows for a third of the year and freezing cold winters can last up to five months. Her new single ‘Goodbye’  is wonderful; infused with Bizyukova’s haunting voice and vivid words that speak to abandoned spaces and partings of such sorrow, amidst stately synths that gently cover you- underpinned by beats that tick like a clock. With echoes of I Break Horses or the Chromatics this is a gentle comforting embrace at a time of trauma in the early hours.

‘Goodbye’ first came to fruition when singer-songwriter, Bizyukova, decided to do some spring cleaning in her flat. From the ashes appeared an external hard drive with various unfinished tracks, one of which recovered a skeletonized version of ‘Goodbye’. At the time, the track contained only a few lines of verse and chorus. After tweaking ‘Goodbye’ for a couple of weeks, Yulia sent it to Andy Baldwin, for mastering at Metropolis Studios. It’s a triumph for persistence and a preview of future releases following her sublime debut album, Time Without Time, in 2021. 

I’ve previously written thatEverything by Electricity are redolent of mid-period New Order and the bittersweet majesty of ’80s 4AD groups, with an ambition and widescreen brilliance all of their own. The atmospheric production and spiralling synth patterns gives you the feeling of staring into the middle distance at the blinking lights of the city’s winter sky.’

Everything by Electricity accredits Slowdive, Tangerine Dream, and Joni Mitchell, as some of their biggest influences. Prior to the pandemic, Everything By Electricity’s rich sound enabled them to support Helen Marnie of Ladytron on tour. The video is a striking and simple idea as Bizyukova, framed in shadows and a single red light, sings the words to the camera.

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