Video of the Week #210: Carapace – Blorenj

Video of the Week #210:  Carapace – Blorenj

Blorenj’ is the debut Carapace single through own label Replica Recordings.  This is a home produced dance track created during lockdown boredom by recording and chopping up guitar sounds in his girlfriends kitchen.  As if that isn’t impressive enough, the video is also a DIY product created by Carapace and @magsness.

Blorenj’ is a euphoric rave dance track and the video is a mesmeric accompaniment.  Not only are the graphics clever but they fall in time to the beat of the track, before being divided up and duplicating as the song progresses.  Hypnotic and with a meditative quality it holds your attention beautifully.  The final 15secs are almost like a image of a hearbeat which feels symbolic as the influence of music has such a strong impact on our emotions.

With this track already played by BBC Introducing Wales, Carapace will be releasing the follow-up in November and I will definitely be looking out for what comes next.

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